What would be a ‘proportionate’ response to hamas by Israel?

Israel has been accused of a ‘disproportionate’ response to hamas and their 8year 7000 rocket campaign of targeting Israeli citizens.
Nobody has said what a ‘proportionate’ response would be.
Would it be the UK in Ireland: 60 000 troops, special tribunals and Diplock Courts, internment without trial and hit squads?
Or maybe the US response: invade afghanistan and abduct foreign nationals all over the globe and intern them in Gitmo?
Maybe the Russian response in Georgia?

Is there anybody that can enlighten me as to what a ‘proportionate’ response would be to hamas?

A &quot:proportionate&quot: response from Israel would be doing nothing until Hamas acquired enough long range missiles to do some serious harm.

Fortunately Israel would like to continue to exist and to secure itself from incoming rocket attacks.

Does it matter if someone attacks you with a blunt knife or a sharp knife ? Should you wait for them to sharpen their knives before it becomes politically correct for you to stop them ?

People don’t realize how extreme Hamas is. Their leaders say they want to &quot:bathe in the blood of Jews.&quot: Their charter rejects non-violent methods. The Israeli military clearly said their target was not the Palestinian people but Hamas facilities.

fat boy – I blame the parents too.

Hamas dresses up toddlers as suicide bombers:

no man or woman has stated what a proportionate reaction may want to be is because it would want to need to point that Israel could no longer be bombing the Gaza Strip in any respect. One has to celebrate with that the Hamas are persevering with to grant missiles to Israel because they comprehend that Israel will reply. this offers the Hamas the draw back yet they quite do no longer care about that. they in basic terms want the global to exercising consultation Israel because the bully and them because the victims. it is their agenda, and that is killing their electorate. So who’s the bully interior the right? The Hamas are.

Nobody has said what a proportionate response would be is because it would mean that Israel should not be bombing the Gaza Strip at all.

One has to understand that the Hamas are continuing to send missiles to Israel because they know that Israel will respond. This gives the Hamas the disadvantage but they really don’t care about that. They just want the world to see Israel as the bully and them as the victims.

That is their agenda, and it is killing their citizens. So who is the bully in the end? The Hamas are.

I asked the question a week ago.
There’s no such thing as &quot:proportionate response&quot:, but there is an &quot:disproportionate response&quot:.
Disproportionate response is using much more power than needed to stop the other side from attacking.
Since Hamas hasn’t stopped launching rockets into Israel, Israel’s response cannot be considered as &quot:disproportionate&quot:.

Well this whole mess goes back too many generations for it to even begin to make sense any more. All I know is that we are dealing with two very proud groups of people who don’t react well to violence. That being said, they are ironically violent towards their enemies. There in lies a stale mate. Until they can BOTH figure out a way of discussing and compromising then the world shall continue to see further horror in one of the most sacred and beautiful parts of the world.

I’m right there with you, man…

I can think of a sci-fi kind of response, where Israel creates some sort of shield that disarms all rockets, and while we are at it, maybe even vaporizes them, so that the rocket campaign is harmless, and there is no need to attack Gaza…

But technological advances are not quite there yet, so, like I said, I’m right there with you man…

Thousands of years of international tradition and convention demands Hamas be destroyed entirely. With their 100% track record of abrogating &quot:peace&quot: agreements, surrender is no longer an option: they simply have to be scoured from the Earth.
Rest assured Israel will be far more restrained than that. . . . again.

Hmm, lets see

Apologize for stealing the land that rightfully belongs to the palestinians

Get off land they stole

Go back to wherever they came from and shut up.

One 10 megaton H-bomb should do it.

end occupitio of palestinian land remove settelments over palestinian houses ., destroy berlin wall separating palestinian families in alquds then why will be a resistant of occupition and gaza siege prevnting food from air, land and sea

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