What Was The Worse Loss Your NFL Team Has Ever Had?

As a Cowboys fan… I can go on and on… the wildcard game against the seahwaks in 2007 was rough but this yrs loss to the Giants just hurt more… I mean Romo’s was pass was awesome!! Too bad it was to the opposing team… =( and this yr I really felt they were gng to the SB but once again shattered dreams for this Cowboys fan…

Any time the Cowboys lose it is the worst game ever. But I would agree that the Giants in the playoffs was the worst. To go 13-3 into the playoffs, home field advantage and against a team we had beaten twice in regular season, the Cowboys even stopped the Giants offense a few times to get the ball back to throw the Hail Mary at the last second, only to be intercepted. What a sad day in football that was. At least I felt better after the Packers loss to the Giants. I live in Wisconsin which is Packer country. You literally can’t go more than a few feet without running into one, my husband is one. But seeing Favre cold and losing at home made the Cowboys loss bitter sweet. GO COWBOYS!

I agree, Amanda, last year’s loss to the Giants still rips me up inside. But another game I can think of for Dallas that hurts was the 1994 NFC Championship- 38-28 to the 49ers-that kept us from the &quot:Three-Peat&quot:.

When Green Bay lost against the Giants to go to the 08 Superbowl

Giants beating the Pack at Lambeau. Shattered me.

As a Broncos fan I also have a long list….the Jacksonville playoff loss in 96, the horrible home loss to SD last season…..

But overall, for me it’s still the 55-10 Superbowl loss to San Franscisco….

Damn that Montana &amp: Rice! LOL

Sb 42

2001 AFC Playoffs Raiders v.s Patriots they cheated us Brady fumbled the ball everybody said Brady fumble even Brady said he thought is was a fumble. Plus the 2002 Superbowl loss

The browns would have to be when Byner fumbled at the one yard line with the lead, and Elway drove 99 yards in less than 2 minutes to beat them. I think it was 88 but I can’t remember that far back.

I would say losing to the Redskins tha last game of the season, i think that was the downfall for the next game against the Giants!!!

2007, when we had the Colts BEAT! In the Championship, but then we let them come back.If we went we would’ve played the Bears again, and would’ve won.

*J Roth-They said there wasn’t any footage of the pats taping the Rams walkthrough, we beat yall fair and square in the SB, get over it!

Super Bowl 25. Bills loss to the Giants.
Super Bowl 26,27,28 are all close seconds.

Lifetime die hard Bills fan.

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