What is the worst thing ever happened in your life?

What is the worst thing ever happened in your life?

Please share your sadness with me!

It will be an honor.

the death of my mother. We all have to experience that, but the way in which she died was awful

A lot of bad things has happened in my life, especially this year. Last summer, a close family friend who was in an abusive relation with her ex-boyfriend was living with us, and then her ex-boyfriend came over to our house and murdered her. I wasn’t there at the time, but my mother was there and she became traumatized. My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer early this year as well. When November came around after he got through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and we thought the cancer was gone, he died unexpectedly. My uncle was put in jail for doing drugs, but his attorney managed to pull some strings and my uncle has to stay at a rehab center for nine months. I’d have to say the worst thing that happened in my life was the murder of our family friend that occured in our house. My family hasn’t been the same since the murder happened.

marriage. A horrible contract.
Don’t ever get married. At the most, shack up . Never have a child WITH someone. Use donor sperm and stay single..

I did find my mom dead from a heatstroke,but it wouldve been a less painful experience if my husband hadnt been around.

I did spend the worst 30 days of my life in the NICU watching some supposed loving god hurt babies,including my own. But it wouldve been less painful if my husband hadnt been there.

Marriage. A prison. A judge paroled me and Im not going back.

Got caught with a gram of marijuana at school when I was 14. Dragged down to the police station where a long interview, fingerprints and DNA samples where taken. Acused of being in solely responsible for the schools drug problem and expelled. Forced to spend my remaining academic years at a school where every room had a CCTV camera in at and all the cutlery and eqipment was made of soft plastic.
11 years later Im still not alloud to work with vunerable or young people because I have a criminal record and getting any other job is pretty tricky aswel. For one gram of weed!

Being bought in to society.
NO, that isn’t the worst thing. But if Society wasn’t so f***ed up, then the worst things wouldn’t have happened, making other worse things not form as a consequence…

Homelessness. It was hard especially being a college student. Lesson 1) Life is unfair 2) Your perception makes your reality

Grandmother passing. Lesson 1) We are not going to live forever 2) Appreciate what you have because it too will change

My mom died, my step-mom is an alcoholic, my father is abusive, my brother committed suicide, I had my heart broken, and I’ve been consumed in depression for the past two years. The worst thing would have to be the loss of my brother.

the divorce of my parents… Horrible… Just awful. I have never recovered and neither have either of them.

If the person you marry isn’t &quot:the one&quot: when you marry them, they never will be. marry the person you fall for. Not the person you have to &quot:change&quot: in order to fall for them. When people divorce bad things happen, especially where children are concerned.

You can’t change people to fit your needs, IT WILL NEVER WORK!

Nothing, because every time something really depressing happened to me, there was a bright side, when the problem was starting to end

Almost dying after an attempt of committing suicide at 13.

My sis skiing into a tree at full speed and she was only 9.

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