What is good in Ramen Noodles? I want to add something to my ramen noodles soit actually tastes like…?

real food! I LOVE ramen noodle just by them selves, but sometime i want to add a little something to it. today i added a scramled egg in the boiling water before i put the noodles in… ITS REALLY GOOD… when you post an answer.. Please give me directions how to make it! Thanks!

Here are a couple of great Ramen websites:



If you want something different, try this recipe for Sweet Broccoli Slaw Salad using chicken ramen noodles. It is REALLY good and super easy.

Fruits are the immediate supply of vitamins, proteins, and electrolytes, so over body may easily absorb them. Found in the case of veggie some of the immediately eatable but some need to cooked well for enhance their taste.

I like to put in diced mushroom, leaks and tofu. Add some salt to taste and it is yummy.

ive tried hot sauce,onion powder,butter and chiken strips!ALL U HAVE 2 DO IS ADD IT AFTER U COOK THE ROMAN NOODLEES AND STIR IT IN

Cheese, but first drain most, but not all of the water. It’s SO good.

i just squeeze in a lemon or lime and add a few drops of hot sauce.

tofu, chicken, broccoli, scrambled eggs are always a good idea, green onions

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