Was the Sat Nav really to blame, or was it the driver for apparently not using his eyes?


The driver was a ****!

Obviously the driver , really ,but the Sat Nav , although quite helpful in a lot of situations is rather flawed in Yorkshire. Last year, we went to Scarborough and noticed that the directions up there were rubbish !

I think the creators of the sat nav should rewrite the part of the manual where it states that when the sat nav is in use, the brain must be void of any common sense – I seriously worry bout some of these people

Dear oh dear. Sat Nav should only be used as a guide, its not an excuse to not pay attention to where you are going! Ive been on a bridge and its told me to turn right, but by using my eyes I could obviously see thats wrong! Too many people take it for granted, its man made and therefore there are going to be errors.

the driver for being stupid and unable to use common sense. :o\

Also its her fault for NOT being able to read a map, if you become reliant on technology you’re fucked when it fails, like this case. Perfect example.

I love it when you hit a city centre, and the driver shits themselves because there sat nav fails. :o) I just sit back smugly and watch the show of panic :o)

[email protected]: Why thank you, but there is really no reason to bow :o)

Drivers fault – hes 43 – how long do you think hes been driving for? most probally a minimum of 20 years? Does he not know what a road looks like? Idiot.

Well he was thick, a bit like 2 of the posters who expect anyone to click on their websites given the heightened virus alert!

The sat nav gives you the route, you still have to drive the vehicle! lol!
Given that it was broad daylight this man is obviously a pratt!

Kennifer, what a piece of work you are.

I wish I was perfect like some people here. It must be great to never have and know you never will make an error of judgement. I bow to your superiority.

This case – and others like it – just go to show that over-dependence on technology is a dangerous thing.
Technology, however sophisticated, is no substitute for the human brain.

What are you doing in this section whipass chick? Usually you hang out in Reality TV, condemning me for revealing who gets fired in this weeks apprentice 🙂

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