the current state of the public school system reflects the current state of the US govt–coincidence?

top heavy, over regulated, over burdened, structurally inept and inefficient.

the economy is in the crapper because our schools are forced to graduate illiterate dolts who know more about American Idol than they do about America

dysfunctional, controlling on petty matters and large, and an economic mess?

He is definitely being used as a tool to get it cracking. Fascism won’t seem as bad to the masses when it’s coming from behind a pretty face and smooth talk. People are being tricked into thinking they’re getting ‘change’ for the better, but Obama’s in the same circle that’s been controlling and ruining things for the people of this country for years. Not only is he Bush &amp: Cheney’s little cousin, he’s CFR and part of the TriLateral Commission. These national civilian service groups he’s proposing (or probably enforcing) are really creeping me out. The scariest part is most people are not seeing the big picture and aren’t realizing what they wished for isn’t really what they wanted.

maybe when they stop spending the money on making schools nicer instead of spending it on something that will benifit the kids.and teachers making 35000 a year and crying about it .and they make that with 3 months off.i am in the wrong job

Makes` sense to me ! Liberal high school graduate`s can`t read , and liberal politicians won`t read !

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