POLL: AMC fans. Is anybody else tired of Ryan period?

He is so self righteous and annoying anymore.

There are So many of us who are sick and tired of Ryan. A character who was once fun to watch, a charming con-man, has become self-righteous, judgmental, know-it-all, and ridiculously narcissistic. The problem is that Cameron Mathison is the darling of ABC (not AMC), and unless they find another place they’d rather have him, we’re stuck with Ryan. I just hope the new headwriters can get him shot in the head again, or whatever, so he can revert to the character that we used to know and love, back in the &quot:Gillian&quot: days.

It’s hard to find anyone who’s a real fan of Ryan anymore. He used to be so romantic, sweet, and fun. But in recent years he’s turned so self-absorbed and self-righteous that he’s always getting on my nerves. I think the affair with Erica was my last straw.

Yes he’s been boring for years now and I can’t stand watching him anymore. There is nothing good about his character or him as an actor. He even stinks in the soap commercial he is doing. Let he and Greenlee get back together and then leave on their honeymoon on a private yacht and have that blow up with them on it, never to be seen again

No I’m not tired of him yet. I just started watching the soaps again about 4 months ago after not watching for almost 15 years. I’m still trying to get up to speed.

Mr Beady eyes? yes……and not only Ryan the character…but the actor as well every where I look there’s Cameron…….Good Morning America…..Soap Cruise’s……The View…..commercial for soap….yeah I am soooooooooo tired of him period.

Everything is all about Greenlee ALL the time!! (she could leave also if they are gonna put them back together I like her MUCH better with David)
I don’t like any of his scenes, even with Madison, I have to turn it sometimes!!

Ryan Period?

What a horrible name

I still like Ryan but have become very bored with his story and his constant fixation on Greenlee.

I’ve never liked Ryan. He’s no catch and he has no loyalties whatsoever.

I like him when he’s w/ greenlee but it gonna take lk a year for them to get together, then then one of them is going to die lk a month later.
i lkd when his character was edgier too…they are amking him kinda boring

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