Pet Stores & Puppy Mills/Brokers?

My local pet store has completely removed the &quot:We Do Not Buy From Puppy Mills&quot: guarantee from the window and their puppy health guarantee.

Do you think this will sway unwitting buyers from purchasing their puppies? I’ve heard people on several occasions ask where the puppies are from and they always say &quot:local breeders&quot:, but the tune has changed.

This is the new sign:

I think the &quot:our customers&quot: part may be the change for &quot:puppy brokers&quot:. You?

Disgusting. I doubt they are lying- their guarentee is probably very limited and vague though. &quot:Puppy mill&quot: is more of a cultural term than a stict definition from my understanding. They could do it by number of dogs or amount of vet care, which we all know means nothing. No good breeder would sell to them- period. Three days is NOTHING for reuring, 7 days is nothing for looking for genetic problems. BYBs aren’t better than puppy mills, the immediate conditions may be better but with long term health they are the same in my books.

The line at the bottom is horrible though! Not only are they buying from BYBs and possibly border line mills/ brokers, they are solicitng people off the street for animals!!!

ADD: And they don’t let you see the guarentee until AFTER you buy? How is that justifiable other than to trap you?

ADD: Hadn’t even read that right- so they got called out on the puppy mill thing. Good, that is a tough &quot:guarentee&quot: to make since people have different definitions for it, maybe it will make people wonder where they get the dogs from.


Is this what they have sunk down to?
WOW, you get 3 days to &quot:sample’ the pooch

*walks off, head hung low*

What private breeders? BYB breeders? hahahahaha

What $hit!!!!

wtf?!?!!?!?!! who in h** do those idiots think theyre kidding stupid puppy mills. i would never buy from those idiots. id call the local spca and have them investigate theyre so called &quot:pet store&quot: sorry for my french but people like that make me so mad!

Blah. Makes me sick.

What a line of cr*p!

thats funny. ..&quot:if you have a litter of puppies or kittens availiable, please contact…..&quot:


Oh wow…..sick just sick.

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