nice car looking first car?

What would you say is a nice looking inexpensive car?

Ford Mustang

Nothing else like it.

Acura Integra Honda Del Sol

Alot of girls like the Ford Ka or the Vauxhall Corsa as a first car, as they are cheap and easy to maneuver.

I think a great first car for a girl would be a Mini One theyre stylish and easy to drive, as for expense i think you should be able to pick one up second hand for a good price. 🙂

My first car was a Toyota Corolla. Yeah, its wasn’t a brand new model, but it worked and was perfectly fine! I only paid $AU2,300 I think. Hey, I still own a Corolla! Just a newer model. But they’re very good cars.

Fiat 500

Try and find yourself a Nissan 100NX, I used to have one

Will set you back ВЈ1,000 tops

vauxhall corsa, peugeot 106 (petrol only), citroen saxo, renault clio, seat ibiza small engined petrol ones ofcause,

ford focus is a good choice, they are reliable and if looking smaller then a fiesta

ford ka

like an older crown vic, just get something standard… 4dr sedan

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