Is it possible to ask a ? regarding religion without at least one person getting defensive or offended?

I know a lot of bashing goes on here and that some folks ask questions as jokes: sometimes I even get caught up in it.

But it seems that I can’t ask any serious or sincere questions regarding religion without at least one person asking why do you want to know?, as if my motive must be to subvert his/her faith.

Then, in Politics I ask when and why was the phrase ‘under God’ added to the Pledge of Allegiance? Most gave me factual information, but a couple said something to the effect do you have a problem with it?

I see this situation as being of some concern, especially for those of us who are actually interested in learning more about the many religions that exist in our world today and have existed in the past.

And my apologies, in advance, if anyone feels the need to get defensive or feels offended over this question.

Religion has been used as an excuse for thousands of years to cop an attitude with people.No one wants to be wrong, and a fair amount of religions feel that they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

No. And I think I know the reason.

It could be that the reason why it is so difficult to discuss such matters is due to the basis of people’s beliefs.

For example, in one of your previous questions, we discussed the faith based religious beliefs vs evidence based science.

If I am discussing science with a science professor, he will have very strong views. It is his life. However, if I make a challenge to his methods or his conclusions, I am challenging him on a different level. I am challenging his intellect, rather than his beliefs. I am challenging his brain, not his soul.

We are working an argument at the level of &quot:conscious and rational&quot: thought. This is in significant contrast to the religious level, which could be described as the: &quot:I believe this, and it is also a fundamental part of my person.&quot: level.

(note: that description could also be used to descibe political beliefs. The choices to either attain party membership or simply follow a party have a strong emotive component. Political membership, formal or otherwise, has emotive and personal involvement over and above the intellectual and rational position they might take on any one subject.

I am rambling, but you get the point.

The overall point is that the extra weight of personal involvement in religion, and religious involvement in a person makes any comment or question a personal one.

The fact that religious beliefs are based on faith means that any intellectual approach or challenge is invalid, and bloody hard to answer!!!! Further they question ‘the soul’, not an intellectual position.

On the other hand I am really impressed by some of the religious folks’ answers. Some of the ‘blind follower’ answers are worrying.

I would say a true believer should not be upset.

I saw a prime example just a little while ago. Ludd came on and did his bit, and everyone just sort of laughed him off like they usually do. Then someone else put up the exact same question but replaced atheist with christian. Then they got all bent out of shape.

There are some on here taking the atheist position who act like jerks, but honestly, I see more of the christians doing this. I also see more rude remarks from christians whenever someone asks a question about paganism.

Do you have a problem with it?

Just kidding zen.
I have given up on wasting any thought on most of these people. And surely wouldn’t bother asking a serious question. The majority here just can’t seem to handle a question that forces them to think. Sad, but true.

This section is just for laughing at the fundies(Atheist and theist).

Personally, and this is only my informed opinion, this phenomenon that you have observed is mostly due to the fact that the majority of people, especially in North America, don’t really know all that much about their own faith and therefore get defensive when asked about it. If a person really knows his/her faith and is consciously living and continually studying it then he/she will be comfortable answering questions as he/she will have a higher chance of actually having a real answer.

No, it is NOT POSSIBLE to discuss politics, religion, or sex without offending SOMEBODY.

In the days before the anonymity of the Net, it was a general rule of etiquette to never discuss those three things &quot:in polite company,&quot: because 1-people are very personally-invested in those subjects and 2-people are very opinionated about those subjects.

I am sorry in advance for all the ridiculous replies you will be getting on this! It makes me sick to my stomach when I read many replies to very serious questions. The people who are doing it need to grow up. It is not funny, and they do not realize the harm they can do to someone.

Matthew 12:31 (New International Version)
And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Well, I do my best to answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge unless the question is asked in an offensive manner. I think a lot of people are so I guess you just have to skip over the bad attitudes like I do and read the honest answers.

Probably not in a forum such as this.

Many people using Yahoo Answers are very young and their maturity level is shown in questions and answers that rely on attempts to shock and insult. (Note kids: most adults have heard it all before and are much harder to shock than you think.)

There are also a lot of people who just use this kind of forum to vent their rage. It seems we live an age of rage (road rage, air rage, many other observed varieties).

There is a high principle involved in allowing everyone a voice in society, one worth defending. Unfortunately, there are many whose voice is unpleasant when heard.

I don’t believe that you can ask a question on here without someone getting defensive or at least being a smart a$$ about it. I asked a question in genealogy about finding my family in another country and someone got all indignant with me. Actually he proved he was stupid too so that was a plus for me.

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