How many of you who are conservatives will refuse to vote for McCain?

If you don’t vote for McCain, or even vote at all, do you think Obama will win?

What would my other choice be- Obama??? You’ve got to be kidding. My vote for McCain is a vote against racism. If I chose not to vote- that would be the same as saying Obamas actions are OK.

Anyone but Obama 2008!!!

McCain falls short of a lot conservatives expectations, and even though I don’t consider him a conservative, I’m still voting for him … mostly because the alternative is unacceptable.

I’ll be voting for the Libertarian candidate. The Libertarian part is the last one that really stands for individual and state’s rights, lower taxes, and smaller government. People who think that the Republican party is too much like the Democratic party, who like the ‘small gov’t&quot: ideal the Republicans used to stand for, should check out the Libertarians.
And don’t accuse me of ‘wasting my vote’. If more of us voted our hearts and our own ideals, rather than choosing between two parties, we might actually begin to see the changes we desire.

I am voting for mcCain

Not me. I will have no choice but to vote for McCain as Obama will destroy this country. I live in NY so really it won’t matter who I vote for as the Dem will pickup all of the electoral votes..

That’s a tough one, I don’t like either and don’t want to vote for either but what to do, is the question??? Not sure yet! But to answer your question do I think Obama will win? NO!!! Why is I think he’s a raciest…

I will not vote for McCain.

He’s not a conservative, and does not represent what true Republicans stand for.

-smaller government
-no nation building
-no foreign entanglements
-less taxes

Ron Paul gets my vote.

I haven’t decided yet. I know I don’t want a racist President though. And that might make me vote for McCain.

Me. I’ll probably be sitting this one out.
I’ll only vote if McCain picks a -great- VP candidate – like Romney, or Rice. I don’t see this as likely to happen though.

I will never vote for McClame..illegal immigration, his for and against tax cuts, his pandering yesterday about global warming, his cancer, his age, his epanding war..he is a desperate man..got to go Obama

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