How is that NOT a technical foul on Mo Williams?


can someone please tell me how that wasn’t a technical foul? or did I miss something??

Because if you play for Cleveland, you can get away with stuff like that.

And to believeland, he would have NO reason to go for his head. He was clearly going for the BALL and didn’t even foul the dude.

It’s not a technical because it was the Cavs. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it’s become increasingly obvious the NBA wants &quot:the chosen one&quot: (retch) in the finals. So, Lebron and the entire Cavs team will get away with murder

The excuse the refs gave about not seeing it is a joke. The ref nearest appeared to be looking right at Williams, and besides, you’re going to tell me you’ve got 3 refs and NOT ONE OF THEM IS FOLLOWING THE BALL! Then they’re incompetent. This was a 1 point game where a made free throw earlier in the game would have resulted in OT, instead of a regulation loss for Orlando. Travesty

I can’t trust the product the NBA puts out there anymore

The league better review that play and call a TECHNICAL FOUL on MO WILLIAMS. That is just unacceptable. There is no foul on Dwight Howard nor a technical foul. He went for the ball and a piece of his head unintentionally it’s just that Mo Williams took it the wrong way and threw the ball at him.

Refs messed up this one and it wasn’t a ticky tack it was A OBVIOUS TECHNICAL FOUL. That 1 point technical foul shot would have tied the game.

Something FISHY is going on with the REFS in this game. THE LEAGUE BETTER REVIEW IT.

Your guess is as good as mine, chick. Magic already comin’ back on the Cavs though. Haha. Let Dwight Howard throw the ball at somebody, the whole NBA would be talking about that.

Believeland, Dwight Howard did not commit any technical foul on that play.

Go Magic!

If Dwight Howard had a fast break layup and mo was behind it he would swipe for head he would get all ball

yahh it should have been a tech but if they called mo they would have to call dwight cuz he swipped at mos head thats why mo threw the ball… ok he still got the head and that could really injure a player! I think you would be pretty mad too if u got swipe so yahh… well put urself on cleveland side wouldn’t u be mad at mo if he did the same thing to dwight??? and i beat dwight would throw the ball too and you most likely would be saying the same thing i am! considering that if you look at the replays which maybe u should he did go for the face!!…. Maybe you should read i said he deserved a tech did i not??? im just saying dwight deserved one too !!

it was a technical foul. but those cleveland refs were calling all the fouls on orlando. not to mention all the cav players would &quot:fall&quot: everytime they got bumped, earning even more fouls. this game did not prove anything cept that cleveland is a sore cheater.

but its ok. next two game on home court. no cleveland biased refs. they’re going down. hahaha!!!

Skip Bayless was saying that the refs are going to give the Lakers and Cavs more breaks because they want to see them play in the Finals.

Kobe is the most hated in the NBA, thats why he gets a tech for bouncing a ball on the floor out of fustration

anyone else could do whatever they want and wont get it like Kobe

Lakers DaWg!

Doug collins asked the refs how that was not a tec and the lead referee said that none of them saw it. Thats why it was not a tec.

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