Do you think there is some truth in this? (Girls only)?

Do you think that red headed women kind of have more a preference for guys with dark hair and darker features over blonde men or red headed men?

Obviously there are not a great deal of red headed women compared to brunnetes but its just a growing trend i kinda noticed. Can’t really say I find red heads attractive I go for dark haired girls.

Well I don’t know if this answers your question, but ever since the good ol Neanderthal days, men have preferred blondes to brunettes, and then red heads are last on the list. This is because blondes have more hair on their heads, meaning they are more fertile, followed by brunettes and then red heads. Women tend to prefer dark skinned and haired men because that is indicative of a more virile man.

Nooo i don’t think it’s true . Hair colour has nothing to do with anything ! And i know what you mean by you can’t really say u find red heads attractive . But i know a few red heads and they are beautiful

So i can’t say thats true at all !! And some of them have blonde boyfriends . Your tottaly right there aren’t to many red heads compared to brunettes and blondes !!

Some red heads are ugly some aare really pretty just like any other hair colour =]

I’m not really sure if i’m answering your question but I don’t think hair colour has anything to do with personality , peersonal favourite , prefrence’s and so forth 🙂

Hope i helped =]

Its not like groups, every person has there own opinions so yes some red heads like dark haired guys

No, that’s totally crazy! I have a friend that’s a red-head and she’s going out with a blonde boy! It’s all a matter of preference.

I think almost any girl will find a dark haired man more appealing than a blonde.

There’s something sexy, and mysterious about a man with dark hair, especially if he has lighter eyes. Yummy…

Blonde haired men seem almost sissy’er and higher maintenance, not strong and bold like a dark haired man.

i can only speak for my self , i am a brunet and tend to gravitate twards blonds, but honestly i havent really dated many blonds. i would say that it depends on alot of things, such as build or personality. personality is my thing, my bf now also has darker hair, because of that. it seems to me there are just more people with dark hair in the world , than other colors

I think that maybe what you are seeing is just a coincidence, since there are not as many male blondes and red heads as there are brunettes and black haired guys.

I’m not sure…? But, my mom is a red head and has married two darker haired men.

its about personal preference. Im a brunette and generally prefer dark hair but with light features like blue or green eyes although i love dark eyes too.

well i’ve always found that dark hair likes dark hair and light likes light.
and i do think red heads like dark hair too!!
u ever noticed some hair men have red hair beards!!! neato!

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