Do magic spells work?

Does magic spells work? such as love spells or happy spells or money spells. Do you believe in magic?

I do believe in magick, I do, I do!

I am a Witch, practice magick in many froms, high and low. Of course I believe in it but it seems that many people choose not to because they failed. Imagine if we were to not believe in their abilities (whatever they may be) to do anything because of the times they have failed, where would the world be then?

To give you an small understanding of watch magick is visit the link below and read at least the first section.

Anyone who prays (whether to themselves, a god or to anyone or thing) has used magick. I’ve been called silly for using magick in which I ask a higher being to help me out. Yet if im not mistaken a large majority to the worls PRAY for an &quot:invisible&quot: person to help them out. So what makes them any less silly than I am?

Prayer is Magick, magick is energy and energy is god. The Life force that exists in us all. Magick is that extra oomph you get towards things. A single grain of rice can be the difference between you making it or not. so if you are applying for a job and competing with other people with the exact same talents, why not ask for assistance so that you can come out on top?

Christianity has Pagan DNA, we both believe in pretty much the same thigns except we call everythign different items.
How many times have you not wished for something on your birthday? Or prayed that your day went well tomorrow? Why would you think anything would go wrong? how does wishin work? what makes it work?

What makes a clock work? Batteries which are an energy source, evreything in life happens because of unseen energy. Wishing works that way. You make a wish and through your wish you sent out energy into the universe that has a specific purpose. To make your wish come true. Why do they not come true? it would be silly to think that wishing is all it takes. If you want a job and you wished for it, well you’re sure not goign to get it while you’re out at the mall shopping instead of applying for a job. neither will your prayers be answers in much the same way.

You have to also remember that you have to consider the energy that works against you. If you are applying for a job and someone else has better qualifications, then do your spell working maybe you might still get the job because you have better people skills but know that in such a circumstance it’s best to keep applying at other places.

Magick is not a crutch, it is a little extra push that cam make a HUGE difference.

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours, &lt:— magick

Alla Kazam!!! – Now lets see how flippant you can be now you’re a frog! Actually, can you just get back to me so I know if it worked! LOL

ok so why have I got 3 thumbs down and only 1 thumbs up! I see froggy hasnt responded yet!

No but its possible if your determined it could work. Hey! people claim theyv’e seen ghosts and aliens! Give it a try.

They can, but you should study real magic like the kind found in the Satanic bible. They always worked for me for love and compassion and health, etc

You better believe that magick is real.

If they did, we would have entire universities devoted to them.

Piff, Puff, Poof !!

Yes. i believe in god

if they did we would all be happy, in love with loads of money

probably why don’t you try to use one.


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