Did Adolf Hitlers Nazis kill any Muslim people during WW2?

I’m just curious, i know them monsters primarily finished off all J-ews, Gypsies etc… in the lands they captured. But what is not well known is that Europe especially in Eastern Europe had a large Muslim population from days of the Ottoman Empire.

So when the Nazis invaded Islamic parts of Bosnia, Albania and even the Russia’s Muslim Caucasus regions e.g Azerbaijan surely the Waffen SS and Wehrmacht would have come across these Moslem people?

I mean how did the Nazis treat Muslims in the lands they captured? Surely they would have thought that Islam was also a foreign Semetic religion like Judaism?

My friend who’s Bosnian said that the Nazis when they wanted to find J-ews they would pull down mens trousers and check for circumcision?

Is this true? So when they came across all these Moslems in Eastern Europe surely they would have thought Ah Ja these are also J-ews lets finish them off!

Is this what happened? Also were their any Black people in Europe during WW2? What happened to them if their were?

Lastly if the Nazis were around now and were capturing all of Europe, what do you think they would do to the massive amounts Turkish, Arabic, Pakistani and Arabian immigration in Western Europe?

Yes. You have to remeber the final solution and the persecution that led up to it was not just jews, but all MINORITY GROUPS. For example the aryan ones like communists, homoseuxuals, disabled people and some groups of christians and the non-aryan ones like jews, gypsies, blacks, and muslims who fell into the latter category. And to one of the previous people who said hitler never killed anyone because of their religion, what do you call judaism? Is that not a religion? Think before you answer.

I don’t know about the others, but I know Turks were not targeted, and Turkish Embassy was able to save Turkish Jews and some others they gave passports along with them.

You can read about Necdet Kent


Read this:

Mainly the Nazis were allied with anti-Jewish Muslims including Persia (Iran).

This led to Persia being temporarily occupied by the USSR at the end of the war. But France and England had control over Egype to Syria from World War One.

I dont think they were a target but Hitlers policy pretty much was anyone who he didnt like and if he disliked them then yes they were targeted and killed

El Duce conquered Ethiopia and was one of the most fervant believers in Hitler’s world view. I suggest that there are more muslims in Ethiopia than christians so they must have been killed.

nooo cos he was friends with the grand muffty and a muslim ss unit was created what what took part of in battle of Berlin

Yes, it is totally true about the trousers thing.

Concerning the European Muslims in WW2 and their relationship with Nazi Germany, we can speak of Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims:



Bosnian Muslims, 20,000 Muslims under Himler:





Kosovo Muslims on Nazi German side, Skanderbeg Division:



Muslims in Tito’s Partisans:


There was a percentage of Muslims in Partisans. They mainly joined the Partisan movement by the end of the war, like in the case of Alija Izetbegovic the Radical Islamic from Bosnia.

******* nazis


Hitler had nothing against Muslims

In fact, he considered loads of Muslims such as Persians to be pure Aryans.

He hated Jews, Blacks, Roma, Slavs, Socialist, Communists, Liberals, Mentally disabled, Homosexuals.

Yes there were Blacks in Europe. Hitler did put some Blacks in concentration camps, and 300 German Black males were castrated on order from Hitler.

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