Christians, why did God create dinosaurs before humans? Did he get bored and decide to kill them all?


Yes, that is exactly how it it went down.

From a Biblical Base Christian God created all living creatures in the six days of creation of Genesis chapter one(he rested on the seventh day). This includes dinosaurs and man. Dinosaurs are not mentioned by name in the Bible because the word dinosaur didn’t exist until the 20th century. In the book of Job the Bible does speak of the &quot:behemoth&quot: and the &quot:leviathan&quot:. Although many modern day scholars have tried to write this off as an alligator or a hippopotamus, the descriptions of these animals is very similar to the way scientists describe dinosaurs. Why did the dinosaur die out? I believe the majority of them died in the Flood of Noah, and the ones that survived the Flood were not able to adapt(not evolve) in the post-flood era.

God created the animals on the 6th day and human beings on the 7th day. So yes, you are right, God created dinosaurs (and all animals) before human beings.

On the other hand, God did not kill them all. I believe that there were no laws in those days to conserve and protect animals that were disappearing (either because we humans were hunting them or because they were dying), and as such, they all died.

There many laws today that protects animals from disappearing such as elephants for example.

God created dinosaurs for the same reason kids like dinosaurs. They are cool.
They came before humans so humans wouldn’t kill them like they kill everything..

because according to christians god is perfect. but if you think about all the s**t he layed on humanity, he is every imperfection and flaw of what he created so the bible contradicts itself but im thinking if he’s real, he’s just a f**k up like you and me, got high, and thought dinosaurs would be cool so he made them, realized his mistake and killed them. of course it’s all bull and the real answer is those motherf**kers didnt stand a chane against that metor no matter what just like we wont stand a chance against a meteor.

That is the dumbest question I have ever seen in my lifetime. Dinosaurs probably would have killed the whole human race before it could even be populated. That’s why they probably died.

They lived among other species for millions of years

modern man came on the scene much later

Dinosaurs where not killed by meteors. For proof watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJAii5n0K… .

Maybe a big God wanted BIG pets. LOL

Then, like many pet owners, he realized they just weren’t worth the trouble of feeding and cleaning up after them…

they began to think for themselves, so god had to do away with them. unlike the millions of years they had, humanity is so smart that enough will become free thinkers by 2012 and it will happen again. i hope the next group to own the earth are rabbits. god would not kill such cuddly friendly creatures

no dinos in the bible …
do you believe every movie you watch as … fact ?
is ET a fact, too ?

you should take the bible as fact and
everything else that opposes scripture .. with a pinch of salt.
discard anything that opposes scripture.

dino fossils can be manufactured.
the bible tells us of satan’s deception … signs &amp: wonders … that it would fool even the elect. So whatever is NOT in scripture is NOT factual.

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