Celebs Marrying Other Celebs?

Just wondering your guys opinion about stars marrying other stars. I mean its so rare to find one celebrity with an adverage person.

In the end it ends up being couples like brad pitt and angie, nicole kidman and keith urban, sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick, gwen stefani and gavin rossdale!! It might be because of their intersts in acting or because they dont really meet anybody outside of the world of fame…

So the question is: What do you think of celebrities ending up marryine another celebrity. And if you can name one celebrity who hasnt married another celebrity. (I think ben stiller didnt marry a celeb like himself..right or wrong?)

I think celebrities marry other celebrities because they don’t know if average people have motives [Britney spears and kevin federline]. Most celebrities who marry average people were with their spouses before they were famous [patrick dempsey and his wife] they only person I could of who married a non celebrity is matthew mcanoughy*
Oh and btw I think ben stiller’s wife is a celeb just not as much as him.

It may be because a lot of people would want to marry the celebrity for status and riches and looks. But when they are with another celebrity, they’re on the same level of importance, and so they don’t really feel they’re being used for what they have and not just who they are on the inside.

Stars marry one yet another coz its extra handy to be with somebody in an identical business employer, like showbiz who is conscious the demands and the shown fact which you’re rarely living house. there are extremely some usa stars, and rock stars like Chris Daughtry who’re married to usual women folk. Footballers marry usual women folk, rappers have different halves hidden away at living house, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Nic Cage are all married to nobodies.

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