Can satan feel fear/be afraid?

Can satan ever be afraid/feel fear?
Like just say he inspired a certain false teaching that mixed some truth in with some deception in the hope to deceive and lead people away from the truth-could he feel afraid though that it would/could actually end up bringing people closer to Jesus and more further away from him?
Can he get fear like that or he cant feel fear?

satan is an unfeeling energy. emotions are human faculties.

Dreams are composed and caused by spirits for various reasons such as 1. As a part of the game they play with other spirits 2. To alert the person who dreams 3. To sooth the spirits which are angry with you Still there may be some other reasons. A human being is living with many spirits which joined one by one since birth. These spirits watch, guide and determine the destiny of a person from his/her daily activities, talks and thoughts too. There is no place in this world without spirits. They roam everywhere, come and go. If a human mind is a tree, these spirits are birds which sit and go. Some birds build nests and stay permanently. Likewise some spirits always stay with human beings. Even a tiny thought can bring a spirit in. This is the case with everyone. They come and go. Nothing to worry. Keep your mind fresh and head cool. Accumulation of heat in the brain section causes dreams. Don’t think about them often. Divert your mind towards other things.

If you have a Bible, you can read Job chapter 1. Satan came before the throne of God and had to ask God’s permission before testing Job. In Matthew chapter 4 after Satan tested Jesus, Jesus told him to leave and he obeyed. When Jesus commanded evil spirits to leave the people they possessed, they had to obey him. Obviously, they’re afraid of God. James 2:19 says, Thou believest that there is one God: thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

Yes. If you seek refuge in God from Satan the Accursed, he will be scared, for God is far more powerful than Satan.

Just remember to say this to GOD, the only deity worthy of worship.

He (like all the angels) can feel what we feel. Our emotions are all similar.
And yes he fears. he fears Christ, the one who sits on the thrown. and he fears God the Father.

He will fear when people get closer to God and read God’s Holy Scriptures.

i believe in james ch 4:7 it says (i’m kinda taking it out of context) &quot: submit yourself to God ,resist the devil and he will flee from you .this to me meaning in fear.(if he had no fear why would he run?)

Santa is a jolly fat guy who gives away free presents!

He trembles because he know his time is limited. At the end, he will be thrown and locked in hell for eternity.

satan believes and trembles- yes he is very afraid and he is fear itself.

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