Anyone else looking forward to the &quot:Alex&quot: Interview on BB tonight?

&amp: another housemate going in…why are they bothering to put someone else in….but still can’t w8 to hear what alex has got to say..how bout you

I cant wait either .People say we are sad .Well what i say is each to his own .

Yes and no Heidi, I would like to have seen Alex face the hatred of the crowd as I think she deserved her eviction moment more than most.
I’m not holding out much hope for the interview though. Pre recorded and heavily scripted and edited it is a damage liability exercise for BB than a genuine interview.

Oh… I thought you meant BB King. He will be here on the 4th of July. Wow, I am kind of not all there today. No I am not looking forward to Big Brother. I think you mean the British version and I don’t get that one.

I thought it a bit strange they were putting someone else in Heidi as there would have been a normal eviction tonight anyway. As to the Alex interview – that should be interesting although I understand it is pre-recorded and not live! Shame!!!

Should be great but she probably won’t turn up the heat

I agree why put someone else in as Alex was going tonight anyway

I will watch it as it is behind closed doors with davina she had better be good for this interview as she can be wishy washy at times.
I heard it may be a male stripper or nuddist going in .
They are sticking someone in to make people watch it no eviction numbers low for viewing and not many will want to see Alex ever again lol

Yep… I Want Another Person In

I Bet She Was Well Shocked

hmm it should be interesting alright i mean her guys will sort everyone out in the bb house what are you talking about you gangsta wannabe idiot coz thats all she is.

Can’t Wait,…………. but very confused about people answering BB questions just to slag them off…………..weird
surely they have stamps to stick…………lol

(don’t all thumbs down at once……you might break my laptop!)

one at a time!

Yes DR Bad……..they probably know more about the show than I do

I cant wait either, i love it this year.Dont think they should anybody else in though

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