Anybody ever met a celebrity?

Ever met your idol and they turned out to be totally different from what you expected?

I’m not a fan of Carrie Underwood, but had to meet and hang out with her all day for a radio event… shes a *****, to adults and especially to children. she won a game show.. woo hoo.. she has no reason to treat people like that especially since they voted for her. Don’t meet her. I have met a lot of other people working in radio, and she is by far the worst person ever.

Went to high school (Glebe, Ottawa) for a couple of years while Alanis was there.

I wasn’t friends with her… and looking back, I think a lot of people were pretty spiteful. So the gossip ran about how stuck up she was, but I honestly couldn’t say from any personal experience. We were all kids, so we were all kinda silly then. And the school made a fuss over her, had her perform at assemblies, so then she was considered teacher’s pet too, which didn’t help.

But then I changed schools, and wound up in a couple of classes with Polly Shannon. HER, I would love to see again, very sweet.

Nope never met one but my younger sis met Brittany Murphy and Drew Barrymore and has their autographs, she said they were both really nice. Yes I’m jealous. My older sister who lives in Cali also literally bumped into Keanu Reeves in a store and was so startled that she just ran into the bathroom and cried haha..she also met and shook hands with Bill Clinton which I believe we even still have on VHS tape…and a couple others that she saw, but I don’t remember who they were. Oh and she had just missed Kevin Costner introducing himself to her table of friends while she was getting something from a snack machine. All true!

I went to go see the band Saliva last year on my birthday and Adema and Midnight to Twelve was there too. I got the opportunity to go on the tour bus and meet the band. I got a big, warm hug from the lead singer of Saliva, Josie Scott. It was so sweet and the whole band is really nice. I also met the other bands as well.

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I saw Oprah running through O’Hare airport in 1986. I saw Bill Cartwright (Chicago Bull) checking into a hotel in 1999. I acted really stupid with poor Bill Cartwright- very sorry. Gary Coleman used to ride in the Jubilee Days parade in the early 1980’s. I also saw Kevin Matthews when he worked at WLUP FM in Chicago- he was drunk and stupid.

I’ve met and spoken with:

Pete Best (original Beatles drummer)
Harry Chapin
Luther Vandross

None were my idol. They were all very nice, as I expected.

I never met my favorite celebrities. But I did meet Chris Angel. He lives near me, and he’s always walking around my town. It’s cool.

I was at school in 2001.. i was in 4th grade.. then at 1 after school program.. i met Mark Hamill. I asked for his autograph. 1 week later.. i received it from my friend. It was cool. Mark Hamill.. which who played.. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes: 4, 5, &amp: 6.

I met dick van dike in carefree az
I sat next to danny glover on a flight from phoenix to lax
I also got drunk with john wayne at black barts bar in 1973

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