afraid to say yes? or afraid to say no?

afraid to tell us why?

erm no ….yes feck no …………no no no yes lol im cofused!
because i don’t want to hurt!

Both actually…but lately it’s being afraid to take a chance and just say yes…why is I’m afraid that once I say yes I’ll just open myself up to getting hurt

I’m afraid to say no. Which I really need to work on.

Mostly to say no because I hate to disappoint people, plus I’m too shy to really talk to people in the first place. But I’m also scared to say yes to people about certain things like what o like or WHO o like. I hate to tell people things that require trust.

Afraid to say no.

i’m afraid to say yes

I’m afraid to say NO.

Afraid to say no – to my wife

I’m afraid to say no….otherwise i wont get a chance to say…yes, yes,yes!!!!

yes yes yes

afraid to say yes…..

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