Why do a lot of people hate Muslims?

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I am asking this question today as to learn why many people hate Muslims so much. I happen to be a Muslim from a very modern city in Turkey and have been living in America for the past 6 years. No, I don’t cover myself up. No, my dad doesn’t beat me or my mom. No, I don’t wear a hijab. But I still practice my religion and do my prayers. I would look like a normal person until I mention my religion. So, why do I have to be looked at weirdly when I say what my religion is?

I don’t try to convert others to Islam and I will never force anyone to do so. It’s your opinion and if you would like to, be my guest, I would be more than happy to help you out. My family aren’t terrorists. We hate the extremists as much as you do–extremists who kill innocent people. It’s not Christians who are being terrorized by Muslim extremists, my country, which happens to be a Muslim country, (Turkey) is also terrorized by Muslims. I understand your hatred. The only thing I don’t understand is your hatred towards ALL of the Muslims.

And I would just like to inform that Muslims aren’t and weren’t the only terrorists on this Earth. There are/were Christian terrorists (KKK, Hitler, Mussolini, the Norwegian guy) or Jewish terrorists (Yaakov Teitel) etc. I’m not saying that your religion is bad, because I know MANY individuals from both of these practicing groups to not stereotype anyone.

I have Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, and Muslim friends (and maybe even ones who have different religions) from every nationality and I love them all the same. I don’t care what their religion is: I only look at their personality. Why can’t the rest of the world do this? There are so many normal Muslims out there, why can’t you open your eyes and see this, why do you have to blame us as a whole for what those crazy nutjobs do?

I want peace in this world as much as the rest of this world does. Please, before you hate someone for being a Muslim, try to get them first. After all, most of the religions (like Islam, Christianity, Jewish) all have the common beliefs. So we all basically believe in the same idea of God (in my case Allah), Heaven and Hell only with different terms, sayings, and prophets.

I just want to read what your opinions are people.

Religious bigotry, fed by dishonest preachers and hate-mongers.

@ Jimmy. Sorry dude gotta disagree. The ratio is more like 3:2 with 3 being the racist morons. The problem seems to be the lack of literacy. The follow the news, and when they do they only look at the channels that are against muslims in the first place. Even on the note that they may not watch Fox (lol.. fox news is such a joke.. any moron who still watches it is more of nutjob) but all channels with news played anywhere in England, America or Canada. None of them actually say Muslims are terrorists but they will indicate it. Have you ever seen that clip with Russell Peters when he mentioned how they show a muslim person than show a bomb. People seem to put that together and than think they are brilliant. Its just an indication the fact is people fall for that. I’m sure none of them have ever bothered to watch Al-Jeezra which shows not only what the messed up things muslims might do but everyone else too.

Everyone seems to forget the racist bigots here. The hillbillys or other morons still against black people. The serial killers, the pervs which there is an endless list of. The Christan’s who want the gays oppressed or killed even. Theres plenty of it here.. They like to ignore their own problems and point fingers somewhere else. Frankly its not fair for women over there, any muslim would be stupid to deny it. But its tradition and NOT religion. People fail to see that. I agree with you though, its really unjust for them to hate all of us. The majority of peaceful ones are never displayed on the news. The ones living happy, safe good lives. Only the ones who are in the middle of the wreckage. This is complete propaganda, if people fail to see that than thats their own fault.

EDIT: I forgot to add this in, I have freinds of all religions and races, the worst is when they assume you must hate them because your muslim. I could not/have never judged a person based on skin color or religion. I had this friend once, we were always great. One day he comes to school and starts being a total a** and at first I ignored it, the second day it just got out of control. He went out of his way to make me miserable. So I finally asked him what I had done. He told me that he found out I was muslim and that he was Jewish and we were suppose to hate each other. Needless to say in grade 5 I didn’t understand. But that really hurt. The kind of filthy lies parents put into their kids is horrible, i’m not talking about him but anyone. Muslims alike. I find this generation to be stupider however I hope it’ll bring some peace and parents won’t be filing lies into their kids heads any longer. It sickens me that anyone would do such a thing..

Talking approximately Westerns: I do not know Talking approximately Arabs: More than ninety six% of them are Muslims and towards what first one mentioned, such a lot of them are studying Qur’an as soon as a month and three occasions or extra at Ramadan. But the concern that lots of them do not do what they learn and that concern triggered a few folks to be unhealthy. Bin Laden is not Muslim on the grounds that he did anything towards Qur’an and towards what prophet mentioned… Muhammed mentioned that who fights any christian who do not fights Muslims isn’t Muslim. And he mentioned that if the enemy combat Muslims, they have got to combat navy and do not harm different peoples. About Muslims non Arabs: 7% them talk Arabic and browse Qur’an. and the relaxation use the reason of Qur’an with their language. About many westerns: what I realize that they hate Arabs and Muslims on the grounds that they’re towards Israel. That is a reality they hate them on the grounds that what they do with Palestinians and on the grounds that they occupied many locations of Palestine. Many non Muslim non Arab folks hate Israel for the identical purpose. Even Jews in United States and different nations hate Israel.


In my opinon, Islamophobes hate Muslims because agreeing with what a vaster majority of the world believes is easier for them than actually considering there might be more to Islam than what they’ve been brainwashed to think by the mass media… People don’t like change, and deep down it’s as though those people know that if they were to open their eyes and look beyond the &quot:terrorist&quot: label placed on Muslims and Islam, they will find undeniable truth in the religion…


Basically because people are idiots and they fall for the over-hyped sensationalism of the tabaloid press.

Most people don’t hate muslims though….again….don’t believe the press. If most people hated muslims that much then there wouldn’t be muslims in the west. Think about that. How many white people have passed you by without cursing you and being racist? Then compare that to the number that have done that to you? What is the ratio? Maybe 100:1?

Because Muslims are huge target in media and many people learn culture and religion from television instead of learning it from Authentic translated Religious books.As the media potray Islam very badly then the people are more close minded about Islam.Many Non-Muslims dont know the real Islam which normal Muslims are practicing and they see it from so called ‘Muslims’ in media.Many of them read Islamphobia sources instead of learning the truth of Islam

i don’t think so.

but if some do,it’s because of western media.how they portray muslims.

look at Afghanistan,us atack on them and they tried to defend theirselves,but media made propaganda,because almost all big media is controlled by america.

And no it has been proved and clear that 9/11 was inside job,who is the responsible for 2 lacs afghanise’s death.

Allah means The God in Arabic bro

I can only say when I see Muslims I think of a religion that has done and still does much damage to my people and my homeland Israel…

You may not have any political views against Israel or feelings of dislike towards Jews, but it’s hard to shake off centuries of persecution that carries on till today.

Islam is spreading fast in the west and in order to stop this their media portrays Islam in a very bad light. Day in and day out they show news about Islamic terrorism, women being subdued, crime,etc which are not true.

I hate Muslims for the same reasons I hate Xtians and the like. I hate stupidity. Whether you agree or not, believing in an invisible man in the sky is stupid. There is no evidence for your god or any other and in the name of your muslim god, the christian god, etc. there have been countless atrocious acts committed throughout history. The world would be better off without the stupidity of religion and countless lives would have been spared as well as the devastation caused to those families because of the idiotic game of my invisible man in the sky is better than yours. Religion is a disease.

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