Who thinks Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama will win the 2008 election?

i think Obama will win. just cuz Hillary has the experiance doesnt always mean she’s better. We have to have fresh new people running for the election. And besides, do u guys really want to have the first woman president bieng Hillary Clinton?

Hopefully, neither will win but it sounds like enough Americans have been duped into believing the liberal propaganda that they sure have a chance.

Considering the possibility that Hilary may win the Democratic vote, Obama will run as an Independant and split the vote (Obama will probably even get some of the right wing vote). If that happens, neither will see the Oval office. Personally, I would love to see a split vote, because I think that a 3 party system would be the best cure for a pretty dirty political field right now. While I’m not ready to jump on with Obama, some conservatives are and that may make the next race pretty interesting. I think the Republicans need to counter with someone who has proven himself to be a great economist and who still stands strong on the idea that government shouldn’t be given to much control over the lives of the American population. Someone who people can trust… We haven’t seen that in either party’s Presidential candidates in a very long time.

She’ll probably win the Democratic nomination. If she chose Obama as her running mate she might actually win the Presidency, depending on who she goes up against on the Republican ticket. It might actually be a close race if Rudy Juliani or Condaliza Rice runs. Realistically, baring a miracle, it looks like the Democrats will be in power by ’08

Not that I want either party to be in total control. I think our government is served best when it’s divided some what: Democrat White house then Republican House and Senate or vice versa.

Lately it seems if you get one party in total control the country edges into the extremes. With the Republicans, we seem to be at war more and with the Democrats we get taxed more. A happy medium some where in-between seems like the best solution, IMO.

I think Obama will win because I think Hillary is a bit unpopular right now. Lord only knows who the Republicans are going to put up, and with the choices I have seen so far, I think Obama has it in the bag.

i want barack obama in the white house, just cuz he’s such a non-politician. and i wouldn’t mind hillary being the first woman president, better than one of the bush twins.

This is a tough one for the United States citizens because Hillary could be the first female president and Barack Obama could be the first african american president. I think Obama will win because no one likes the senator from NY and her lying, cheating husband, Bill.

Hillary Clinton is in it to win, and I believe she will!

Hopefully, neither! The Dems. have some very talented, experienced people (both male and female) in their ranks who would be excellent candidates for the Presidency.

Clinton will win

I think they both, cross out eachother. They’re Ego’s won’t allow the other to win. I just hope the CONSERVATIVES, can win back the White House.(notice I didn’t say Republicans)

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