Survey: Folding Towels… Is it just me…?

I have to fold my towels so that they take up the same width on the towel rail…
Hand towel in three
Bath towel in four
Bath sheet in six…

am I obsessive compulsive heading for a breakdown? or do you do this too?

I do things like that too. Tins on larder shelf must all have their labels facing the same way, items on kitchen worktop are lined up with grout lines of wall tiles behind them, cup and mug handles are always pointing at same angle, baskets in wardrobes contain underwear sorted according to colour, style, all folded to exactly the same size, etc.

You don’t have OCD but, like me, probably feel less stressed and more in control when there’s a place for everything and everything is in it’s place — and perfect.

No i do the same, my husband would say i am obsessive, i do the same with Tea towels, and clothes have to be in a certain way in the wardrobe and drawers too….

I am the only one that folds towels correctly at my house

I have to fold my towels a certain way too so they all sit nicely. Or hang correctly – my God! I’m so glad I’m not alone!!

I roll all all of my towels because I think it’s neater but they all have to roll to the same width and length or I’m not happy. lol

It sounds like a slight obsessive compulsion. Don’t worry about it!

Absolutely normal…..even though you do look obsessive and compulsive and heading for a breakdown :-)..Joking!

I don’t think it’s in the ranks of OCD you just like your towels to look neat.Mine are rolled like a wafer.

I’ve never thought about it, but I just went to have a look and mine are folded all the same. Spooky.

Mine have to be haphazardly thrown around in a slovenly fashion….not really a choice just sheer laziness..x
And yes you’re a tad freaky but who am i to judge a girls towel habits..x

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