So all the Jews who were tortured and killed in the holocaust just went to hell, did they?

According to Christianity, if you don’t believe in their God, you go to hell. So the Jews who were subjected to all that grief and misery in World War Two, were killed, just to end up in hell where they’d be tortured forever more? Is that right?

Sorry to the genuine Christians who don’t believe in such an aberration.

This question gets asked a lot in YA. As a child of a Holocaust survivor with plenty of family murdered in camps….

– thank you for recognizing the horror as a pinacle of human depravity that makes for good comparision.
– these questions are beginning to wear on my sense of respect for the dead.

I don’t believe in hell, so I certainly don’t care if someone believes my family is in a hell. They were during life, but now what’s important is this world &amp: how we can better it. There are plenty of people still suffering horribly.

I doubt very much if anyone who chose to participate in the horrendous acts of the halocaust went to heaven. They have professed to be Christian, but their behavior says otherwise. The Bible clearly states that people will be judged with the same love and compassion (or lack thereof) with which they judge others. God is just. As to the Jews going to hell….well, according to Christianity, they had as much of a chance to believe in Christ as the rest of us. The new testament of the Bible states that the belief in Christ as the Saviour and Son of God is the critical ingredient in salvation. What happened to the Jews was horrible and as I recall (yes, I was here in the US back then), the US soldiers (and I’m sure many of them were Christian) gave their lives to bring the Jews out of the concentration camps and into freedom. Keep in mind also, that the true Christians are also the ones who are the most staunch supporters of Israel today.

You’re right when you said true Christians do not believe such a lie.

If God can forsake the Jews then God can forsake even Christians.


Most Jews don’t accept Jesus as the son of god
salvation is not believing in god but accepting that Jesus died for their sin
if any of them did not do this then yes they are in hell – doesn’t matter what religious
beliefs – if one is not saved they go to hell so yes it’s more than safe to say some of those Jews
are in hell -Jews rejected Jesus and some them wanted Jesus crucified because Jesus claimed. P
he was the messiah – some Jews back then were very angry – give us barrabis
is what they cried – a convicted murderer is who Jesus replaced on that cross
Jews are chosen ones – for the holecaust perhaps – god has kept score in the past – Jews and some leaders wanted Jesus dead because he was just a man to them – god allowed holecaust for his chosen ones – was it payback for rejecting his son then again why the delay in that payback
if anyone rejects Jesus – Jew or not – hell is where they are
these are gods rules not mine – take it up with him not me

God loves absolutely everyone. I can’t say for sure because I am not God, but I’m thinking if someone doesn’t believe in God but is a good person, they don’t go to hell but they aren’t allowed into Heaven either. Maybe they stay in purgatory, and the lowest level of purgatory is actually like hell my Church has said. I’m not sure, but why should people who don’t believe in God be allowed into Heaven? So maybe they stay in purgatory.

The Christian and Jewish and Muslim God is the same God. But I agree with your ascertion that Jews (according to Christians) would have gone to hell because they didnt accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Thats why I dont believe any of it.

Remember, Christianity is Jewish in &quot:religion&quot:. Jesus is/was Jewish. Jesus says that you must be born again. If anyone is not born again then that means they do go to hell. This is the Jewish teaching in the New Testament. I don’t like hell. I wish I could not mention it. But if it is a reality proclaimed by God/Jesus how can I hide this fact and keep people ignorant of its consequence? I would be guilty of murder in a sense.

um, Jews and Xtians believe in the same God, xtians just believe the promised Messiah has already come. and I doubt &quot:God&quot: is actually following any human rules.

judaism is a monotheistic religion

moses was kind of in chatting terms with god..

its &quot:if you dont accept cheeses as your lord and saviour&quot: you go to hell. thats the nutjobs position.

God is the almighty judge, his justice go beyond our justice , since he know what’s in the hearts of his people, children wouldn’t be judged, because they didn’t reach maturity, for adults this is up to what they believe

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