Pro-lifers, would you be in favor of the Death Penalty for Scott Roeder for murdering abortion doctor, Tiller?

I know that a lot of pro-lifers are pro-death penalty (how is that for irony), but do you feel that the murderer should be executed for murdering someone who performs late-term abortions like Dr. Tiller?

If ever there was a better demonstration of cognitive dissonance and bending oneself into a pretzel,I can’t think of it. A star for you.

Isn’t it amazing how an entire group could glean from a single vague passage in a loose translation of a middle eastern folktale that abortion is murder yet executing someone is not.

If this is the best creature that their infallible god could create (humans), then our universe is, indeed, doomed to destroy itself. No all-powerful god required.

I support the death penalty for his murderer 100%.

And the difference in the irony that youre apparently struggling with is this: Ted Bundy was guilty and deserved to die, an unborn baby is innocent yet isnt given a choice.

Interesting how the the pro-choicers out there want ‘choice’ for the mother but not for the child…Sorry but you people cant have it both ways : )

I don’t support the death penalty, so no.

Absolutely he should be given the death penalty!

If for no other reason than to discourage the rest of the Pro-Fetus, right-wing lunatics from this sort of thing. You know they are publically decrying the act in the name of political correctness but on the inside they are absolutely GLEEFUL over it.

Yup. Unborn children have no say in the matter, Scott Roeder knowingly did what he did, thereby showing his contempt for human life and removing himself from the ranks of humanity.

Murder is murder and yes, I would support him receiving the death penalty.

Funny how I don’t see anyone saying &quot:Let’s see if he’s convicted first&quot:.

NO , is this just a generalization I’m pro life on all sides &quot:Thou shall not kill &quot: isn’t followed by a unless…clause

Justice was served. Scott Roeder should be given a medal for avenging thousands of babies deaths at the hands of that &quot:doctor&quot:.

&quot:You don’t murder animals, you kill ’em&quot:

Lee Marvin in &quot:The Big Red One&quot:.

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