Poll: For Guys & Gals….?

Guys: Do you like for your lady to wear fragrances?
Gals: Do you like for you man to wear a fragrance?

not really, unless it’s very subtle, enhances her own body odor so to say, actually the natural scent of a woman kinda turns me on, let’s me know shes not afraid to get sweaty and play hard, and that’s always been one of the quality’s I look for in a gal

yes i love a sweet smelling woman

yes, my boyfriend wears Abercrombie Fierce and it is freakin amazing!!


Just a hint, yes.

Of course as long as it isn’t overpowering

definitely dont want to smell his stink

No, just laundered clothes

A slight, subtle one : )

if they do that without taking a bath, then its a turn off!

men smell funny no matter what

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