my pitbull is starting to show aggression?

i have a 9 month old pitbull. we recently moved in my parents house with 3 other dogs. recently she has started showing aggression when she gets into something and someone tries to take it from her. today my 7 yr old daughter got snapped at for trying to get the garbage from her. its not all the time, it comes from nowhere. i can mess with her feed and move her bowl around and she won’t do nothing, so i don’t know where this is coming from. she has also snapped at me and my mother. seconds after the incident is over, she is the loving dog we know. i don’t know how this came about and how to fix it to prevent it from happening again. she gets fed once a day, 2 large scoops of feed and is at a healthy weight. she most of the time listens to other commands even though when getting excited, she does not listen for the first few seconds. i’m in desprite need of help. if i don’t find her help, i’m going to have to drop her off at the pound. i love my dog and it breaks my heart to think of that.

it doesn’t happen all the time. my daughter has fed her so many times, never a problem. today i can sit there with all 4 dogs and pass out treats, i wait till everyone is sitting and quiet and i give them their treats. she is very respectful taking the treats out of anyone’s hand. she listens to me and my daughter regarding most other commands and its not over dog food. its when we catch her in something off guard. the garbage, paintballs (yeah, don’t know why she wanted to chow on that).

after snapping at my daughter, out of fear and not thinking, i slapped that sh** out of her yelling no bite. she cowardly crawled away and laid down. i locked her outside for a while. when she came in, my daughter called her over and she laid in her lap. she doesn’t act dominant towards anything.
she just came out of heat for the first time. could it be hormones? change of environment (her whole world has changed so much in the last few weeks). she has always been around tons of people, getting all the attention, loves other animals. now she shares that attention with 3 other dogs. my mom and sisters don’t like her and ignore her all the time cause of that one incident so she is shut out alot

My best advice is to get rid of your dog. When I was 3 years old, my neighbor had a 75% chow 25% pit bull mix that I played with every single day. One day, the dog mauled me and I received over 500 stitches in my head and face. I still have the scars all about my face.

Pit bulls can never be trusted. You can kind of compare it to trying to domesticate a wild animal- it just doesn’t happen. Aggression is in pit bull’s blood no matter how you raise it. Like I said, I played with him every single day and one day he just snapped at me because he thought I was going to take his bone and he got territorial. Luckily, I’m alive today because the neighbors were in the backyard, heard my screaming, and pulled the dog off of me. You don’t want to be absent another time your pit bull snaps at your daughter because chances are, your dog is a lot stronger than your daughter.

Slapping the dog is not going to help the situation it is likely to make it worse that was not the right move to make. Sometimes dogs go through growing spurts “puberty” in regards to the maturity and can have changes in attitude.

I think you need to contact a dog behaviorist or someone who has a lot of experience with Pit Bulls. If she just had her first heat that could certainly be a factor many females will get moody during that time of month or year. Add on to that adjusting to a new home, new packmates both dog and human. That people in the house don’t like her well that is negative energy. In a multi-dog house hold there should be no favorites at least all the dogs should be number 2 and Packer leader (s) number 1

For the timing being your daughter should not try to take anything from the dog that causes this reaction and obviously they should never be unsupervised but I’m sure that’s the way its always been.

How often do you walk this puppy daily walking is a must even more for a powerful breed they need a positive way to drain that energy.

Children again should never never be left alone unsupervised with any dog. There is a reason children account for most dog attacks.

Resource guarding can be managed but you need to get some serious training help ASAP. Keep the dog away from all the kids until she can be professionally evaluated. Hitting her was probably the worst reaction, but also understandable considering you saw the dog snap at your child. The safety of your kids takes precedent over the life of this dog any day of the week.

The dog needs to be professionally evaluated. If it were me, I would get rid of any dog that posed a threat to my kids. If the problem is deemed manageable, you could place her in a home without children if that is advisable by the behaviorist. If the problem is severe, they might suggest putting her down and while that is horribly sad, sometimes it is the best option.

But you need to keep your daughter away from the dog. If she snapped once, she will probably do it again. Don’t ignore the signs, or brush them off as a fluke. Get professional help with this dog NOW before one of these snaps turns into an actual bite.

Breed has nothing to do with it. My advice would be the same if this were a lab, a pit, a chihuahua or a poodle.

I don’t ever think it is right to hit a dog or yell at her, but I can understand how you reacted to the shock of her snapping at your daughter.

I think it could be the disruption to her environment that is perhaps making her this way and also perhaps the sharing of her environment and ‘pack’ (you and your daughter) with others.

If your Mum and Sisters are not treating her the same as the other dogs, this will also add to it because she will be jealous.

If she does this again, tell her ‘no’ firmly and take whatever she wants to keep away from her.

After a few minutes, give it her back and take it away again.

Keep practising this until you can take the item away without her reacting to it.

I don’t think shutting her outside is particularly good for her because she might start to see your garden/yard as a negative place, which is not good if she has to spend a lot of time there.

If you want to ‘punish’ her after she does something like this, just totally ignore her for a few minutes.

Try taking all the dogs out for a pack walk because this is the best way for them to bond. It would be good if your Mum and Sister went too.

The first thing to realize is that you didn’t solve the earlier problem with resource guarding over food: you managed it by separating the dogs. It would happen again if you put them back together. Now it is showing up again over other resources such as the couch. Chances are that this has been brewing for awhile and you didn’t realize it. Dogs communicate with each other with body language and people often miss important clues. Aggression tends to show up around the time dogs reach maturity, which is about age 1. Puppies sometimes show early aggression, but owners are usually surprised to find out that most of the time, it shows up later. You need to be the one in charge when the two dogs are together and enforce the rules and you have to also understand that protecting your lab has got to be your first priority. This may mean keeping the dogs apart when you aren’t present, feeding them apart and keeping them apart when there are resources they may squabble over. It may mean that no dogs are allowed on the bed or couch. It may also mean that you may not be able to keep this dog in your home.

Pitbulls, were bred as fighting dogs. To get that aggression into them they do have very bad mood swings and the females can have out of control hormones. But your dog dosent sound like one of these cases. Dogs get stressed out just like humans. Your dog coming out of heat for the first time would cause her hormones to become unbalanced and make her snappy. I would be patient. Give her some time to settle down. The next time she comes out of heat her hormones will be a little more balanced. I would recommend getting her fixed after her 1 year mark, unless you plan to breed her then you have to sort of just battle through the storm when the doggy PMS turns on. When she snaps at you or your daughter (teach her this as well), dont say anything, turn away from her (unless she hurts one of you if this is the case make a loud noise and this will signal to her by instinct that she was too rough). Immeadiatly put her in a small room or garage where she will be isolated. Leave her there for a little while and then bring her in. Also make sure she is getting plenty of excercise

Pits are unpredictable. But, I would guess this is a leader of the pack problem.

She has been leader of the pack with you and family before you moved in with your parents and their dogs. Now she’s not leader of the pack but is trying to be.

So, it’s time for the whole family to become leader of the pack!

Except your 7 year old, she’s too young to take the chance.

She’s snapping at you and your mom and daughter over her possessions, garbage, paintball, whatever. She’s showing you that she’s still the leader, regardless of the other dogs.

Don’t let her have anything she wants. She goes out to pee last, she comes in last. She eats lasts, everything is last for her for a while, including the treats, til she stops this behaviour. It’s the only way to teach her she is not leader of the pack
You and your family are.

Good luck and btw, a dog bit my son years ago and I nearly killed it, and I never do things like that. That’s o.k., it was your child you re acted like a Dad should.

if anyone of my Pit Bulls snapped or so much as growled at my daughter, it would get a bullet to the head..I love my dogs but I would NEVER let one snap at my daughter or any child for that matter.

exercise,exercise, exercise. no excuses. if you cant find a way, and have to abandon a life you’ve taken responsibility for you will have become one of those stupid trashy americans we all hate, and woe unto you when your daughter turns 14 and starts getting hormonal.
all dogs are athletes, especially american staffordshire terriers. exercise, then exercise some more. no excuses.

Your dog needs to be taken to obedience classes, more socialization will help……and do not please do not leave your young daughter alone with any dog ever, no matter how well trained the dogs are.

Dogs need to be shown how to act, without obedience, they tend to hover over and will take the dominance side….obedience classes will help settle any dog down, but you still have to be cautious with children around any breed.

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