My 1 year old male dog drizzles pee all over the house?!?!?

i have a black lab/great dane mix he is a little over a year old about 2-3 times a week i will find yellow drizzle pee marks all over the place…..This morning he just pee in the house without asking anyone to let him out he is house trained and just suddenly started doing this….not to mention his pee stinks really bad…he is not neutered yet and im wondering if that is the problem just never herd of a dog drizzling pee all over

Some dogs will do this when they are excited, as when someone familiar comes to the door. Other than that, you might have him checked for a bladder infection which can be responsible for loss of bladder control or needing to go more often than normal. You don’t say whether he is actually housetrained? If he is not, try cage training, but definitely take him to the vet. Ask the vet about this, and do have him neutered so he does not begin marking, if this is not already the issue. The vet should be able to help you out. Have a urinalysis done and maybe a round of antibiotics.


I’ve got a 10 month old Patterdale Terrier who pee’d all over the place when he got over excited.

I spent a lot of time online looking for training guides, after finding a few bogus ones i came across this guy Dove Cresswell. Really easy to use guide and some cool tricks you could teach your pup if you want to.

I found his site listed here (3rd on the list) http://www.buyitnowuk.com/DogTraining

He is still a pup at 1 so i’m sure you’ll sort this quickly.

Worth a look…good luck

Ohhh nuter that mutt fast! that would help you out with allot of health issues and calm him down a bit and make him not want to run out and mate with every other dog on earth and if he is marking then yeah he will not do that any longer
we have a male german shep mix with golden retreaver and he use to do the same thing and we got him fixed and he no longer does this and never has however he does dig holls in the back yard now…

they make a thing called a Belly Band, they are cloth bands that you put a mentstral pad in to collect the pee, so they can still feel like they are marking but it keeps your house clean. I have used them on past pets and they work very well. You can even make them yourself for cheap! Hope that helps!

It can be a sign of a bladder infection. I found a good description at thepetcheckup.com. It listed dribbling urine and urination in strange places as two of the symptoms. I would def have him checked out by his vet. Hope everything works out well:)

Sounds like he’s marking his territory.

maby get him neutered or there is a kind of Spray that you spray over the dogs marking area to stop them ..

If it smells really strong and he is not fixed he is probably starting to spray (mark his territory). I would rule out any medical issue but that would be my first guess.

maby hes got a infection

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