Is it the &quot:right&quot: thing to do……..?

….to tell someone who you respect that the book they wrote is wonderful and a blessing for lots of people……………but the person giving this compliment, has not read the book themselves? Why would they compliment on something they have not even read?

Certainly not…. a lie is never the right course of action….. I sincerely believe that the truth always prevails and a lie can at best give only temporary relief or solace or satisfaction which would hurt even more when the time is ripe and the truth comes out.

This is a subjective righteousness question, and to me, i think its not really a right or wrong thing, it depends.
Personally, I dont like to sugar coat my words that much. I say what I think will help the person. I would rather hurt someone with the truth than to give someone false happiness with a lie. give them the truth, help them to accept and deal with it, let them improve and grow. No point lying to someone. Well it depends if its for a good intention, thats why this is a really subjective question. It depends on what the topic is. To answer ur question, I would just tell the person ”i havent read the book yet so i cant comment on it”.
People compliment others (assuming they dont genuinely mean it) because compliment is a positive comment, everyone likes to be complimented. Its easier to lie than to tell the truth, because the truth requires courage to tell and to accept.

the compliments did not include a reading or reporting. it’s a big thing just to be published. and you can read and hear reviews without needing to read the book oneself. pregnancy book comes to mind with male congratulating.

For some that kind of behaviour is automatic, sincere and supportive, a form of manners they were taught from childhood to be correct.

But if you are asking this question then it is probably not the right thing to do.


It is not the right thing to do.
You don’t judge a book by it’s cover,
but you don’t judge the author by not reading it either.

A lie is a lie, irrespective from what angle you look at it. Keep quiet, then you can’t be made out for a liar. Or read the book!

They wrote it so they were there first hand to live it so maybe they didn’t even have to read it to know what is going on there?

i think it’s &quot:right&quot:.

because the reason could be: someone you know read the book and found it very helpfull, so you want to thank the auther in their name. and that’s a nice gesture of respect.

Maybe they are confident in your abilities and see no reason to read or to judge it. The believe that if you wrote it, then it must be good. 🙂

There are countless instances when that very ‘wrong’ thing is the only ‘right’ thing to do. Cheers!

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