Hi im meenu i have some doubt in seo..What is the difference between on page seo and off page seo?

On page is on website and off page is using external links to improve your site’s ranking. Hal Smith
URLdreamer.com Consultant

Hi meenu..

On Page SEO is basically conducted over the web page i.e. inserting the right SEO optimized content, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Meta Description etc. however when it comes to Off Page SEO, it literally means link Building. Link building normally includes Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Article Submission, Directory Submission etc.

Basic on-page SEO implies that you use your keyword in:
Page Copy
Image Alt Tag
Meta Data

Off-page SEO is all about building links that point back to your site (aka backlinks)
Blog Commenting
Web 2.0 Properties
Forum posting
Guest posting

Hi meenu you can get full information about SEO.

On Page Optimization

Off page optimization



On page SEO is waht is on your page. Your page structure. Your semantics. Keyword density. Long tail keywords, and so on.
Off Page Seo is backlinking. Any link from other site to your site is off page seo.

On-Page SEO refers to anything you can do to improve your own website like: Meta-tags, content, navigation, cleaning up errors, internal linking, alt tags, heading tags, sitemaps, etc. Off-Page SEO refers to what can be done outside of a website to maximize its performance for specific keywords/phrases by acquiring backlinks.

On page optimization includes accurately indexed contents, keywords are being determined, and H1 and H2 tags are added whereas off page optimization includes submitting website to most important directories, social bookmarking websites, link building etc.

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