Are you Dominant or Submissive?

I’m Dominant.

i am submissive, and in my experience it’s the submissives that reach out to the dominants, because of their need to belong. However it’s the dominant that makes the decision on who and when and where.



Im good at both

With other people I’ve been with I like to be more dominant. Now that Im back with my boyfriend I’m more submissive because it turns me on like crazy when hes the dominant one. We do witch it up alot but I prefer him to be the dominant or we both just get aggressive with it =) &lt:3






Depends on the other person. Some people I am submissive towards, and some people I am dominant towards. I think most people are like that.

I totally agree with you I hate stereotypes! I have plenty of black female friends who are softspoken and sweet. I also know plently of white women who are loud, angry and domineering, my mother being the prime example of that! I find it very disturbing, that even in the year 2008 when we are supposed to be so far advanced compared to the decades before us, that people are still so narrowminded that they will follow stereotypes blindly. If a person would take the time to actually think about the stereotypes they believe they would realise just how stupid they are. I am a southern girl, so I too have to deal with a lot of stereotypes. I’m either supposed to be a the quite, well-mannered, naive, girl who has no opinions, and lets a man control her, or I am supposed to be a stupid, redneck, white trash, (however you want to say it) girl who has sex with anything that has legs and has 6 kids before she’s 30. Whenever I meet someone who is not from where I am from, it’s like as soon as they hear my accent they think they can talk down to me and they are so far superior to me. They don’t think that I can be southern and also be an intelligent, opinionated, well-spoken, well-read, educated, independent female and I am all of those things! It’s so frustrating! So I totally get where you are coming from, stereotypes are just so stupid and only ignorant people follow them, and unfortunately the world is full of ignorant people and will continue to be full of ignorant people who will always believe these stereotypes.

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