TEEN GIRLS: How Many Teen Boys Do You Know That Are Gentlemen?

i honestly wanna know.
because i only know 1 1/2

Honestly like 2 maximum and its really said because I love gentleman!

Actually I have a funny story. The other day my guy friend and I went to sit down next to each other in class and he pulled out a chair and I thought he was doing it for me but then he sat in it and I was like &quot:Well I thought you were going to be nice and gentlemanly and pull my chair out for me but obviously I was wrong.&quot: So then I pulled my chair out a bit and was about to sit down when he was like &quot:Oh&quot: and pulled it out further for me but as a result I almost fell off my chair. He was like &quot:Crap! I was trying to be nice but almost killed you! Thats why I shouldn’t be a gentleman.&quot: It was pretty funny.



Errr… Sorry, i’m lost XD i understand some who’re gents. they at the instant are not precisely &quot:customary&quot:, and that i like that approximately them 🙂 for sure, i’ve got not got a overwhelm on any of them. Or all people, at the instant. yet I even have got here upon that maximum &quot:customary&quot: adult males are in basic terms searching for somebody to make out with. i haven’t dated one, never will. So, it is achievable. XD

Honestly I only know one it’s shame there are hardly any gentlemen now a days!

I think only 2
mhm. that’s not a lot.
I wouldn’t call the rest of the guys I know &quot:gentlemen&quot:

honestly like 2 :O

Out of the 546388 I know

Like one I guess the others are jerks.

like 2 or 3

pretty good, i know.

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