I need a good book that tells the Catholic Response to the Holocaust – without bashing the Church.?

I am teaching a Holocaust Course twice a week this fall to a group of Catholic High School Seniors. I need a book that gives light to the Catholic Response to the Holocaust during WWII – without completely bashing the Church – or else the school won’t let me teach the course there. Please, someone help!

Have you seen Seton Hill University’s National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education (NCCHE): http://maura.setonhill.edu/%7Eholocst/

The Holocaust: A Teaching Guide for Catholic Teachers by Daniel C. Napolitano: http://maura.setonhill.edu/%7Eholocst/TG…

Here is a bibliography for children: http://maura.setonhill.edu/%7Eholocst/bi… (may be too young for high school)

This site has a lot of articles: http://www.holycross.edu/departments/history/vlapomar/hiatt/catholic.htm

With love in Christ.

Take the books you have seen, and remove the chapters that refer to the Church. Or tell the kids the truth, and go find another job (thats what i would do). You can try telling them what the authority of the school wants to hear.

Here’s a site to get you started. There’s some literary links below with regards to Pope Pius XII and the Nazis.

You cannot be politically correct and still teach the truth.

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