Would You Consider, Ric Flair, The &quot:God&quot: Of Wrestling, & Shawn Michaels, The &quot:Jesus&quot:?

Arguably, the two best mainstream wrestlers, of all time. Would you consider Flair as the God of wrestling, and Shawn Michaels, the Jesus. Even if you do not believe in God, and what not. You know the point I am trying to get across. They are both two of the greatest performers, but should they be considered above anyone else?

I’m rather surprised at so many people taking this in a religious context. The term &quot:god&quot: is rather a common description these days for a person who excels at something so much that he/she is often singled out as the best practitioner of whatever it is that gains him/her so much attention and the ultimate compliment is bestowed upon him/her, i.e. &quot:Eddie Van Halen is a guitar god&quot:.

Perhaps the…resistance…comes from your spelling. &quot:God&quot: (capitalized) denotes the Man Upstairs, the Supreme Being, the Creator. &quot:god&quot: (lower case) is a term often bestowed upon people who are exceptional at something (usually sports or music).

If we use the term &quot:God&quot: then Vince McMahon Jr &quot:deserves&quot: that distinction. &quot:God&quot: created the universe, created Man, and gave him a set of instructions and rules to live by. If Man fails to observe those rules, and commits sins against God’s mandates (the Ten Commandments), he is ejected from God’s &quot:universe&quot: and goes to Hell. Vince Jr created the WWE, creates each performer in his &quot:universe&quot:, and dictates how each performer will conduct him/her self. Failure to adhere to Vince’s &quot:commandments&quot: results in ejection and exile from Vince’s &quot:universe&quot:.

Taking that a step further, Vince tries to control his &quot:flock’s (WWE fans)&quot: thinking, rewrites wrestling history, and tries to get his &quot:flock&quot: to believe HIS version of everything. The most ubiquitous version of &quot:God’s word&quot: is the King James version of the bible. England’s King James had HIS religious scholars translate the original scrolls into what KING JAMES wanted them to say, altering things when &quot:necessary&quot: to get the King’s subjects to act and think the way HE wanted them to for fear of exile to Hell or death for committing what King James considered sins.

If we use the term &quot:god&quot: to mean the best practitioner of a particular talent or set of skills, in this case, pro wrestling, then Ric Flair is more deserving of that distinction than any other pro wrestler who’s ever been in the business. Beginning in the mid-70’s and for two solid decades Ric Flair had NO weaknesses and NO flaws as a performer. Everything it takes to be a successful pro wrestler and World Champion Flair had…in spades. Unmatched charisma, the &quot:look&quot: of a Champion, the credibility in the ring, the wrestling skills, the mic skills and legendary promos, the drawing power to sell out arenas all over the country consistently, the feuds that kept fans interested for two solid decades. You name it, Flair had it. Some were better at certain things (Dory Funk Jr was a better wrestler, but didn’t have Flair’s charisma: Harley Race was tougher but didn’t have Flair’s showmanship: Hogan could match Flair’s charisma and showmanship but didn’t have the credibility as a wrestler, etc). Some were better at certain things but nobody put it all together into one &quot:total package&quot: like Flair did. Flair really did not have any weaknesses as a performer, and is deserving of the term &quot:god&quot: of wrestling.

If we use the term &quot:jesus&quot: of wrestling, Michaels isn’t him. For most of his career Shawn was a jealous paranoid drug abuser afraid of losing his spot who did everything he could to screw over and hold other performers down. His last few years of sobriety and &quot:being good&quot: doesn’t make up for that.

Rather, &quot:jesus&quot: should mean one who &quot:spreads the word&quot: as Jesus Christ did. And the one performer who did that more, and better, than anybody else is Hulk Hogan. Michaels did nothing to &quot:spread the word&quot: about the WWF or pro wrestling in general: he was completely selfish, self-absorbed, and unwilling to let anybody (except for Triple H and Kevin Nash) into his little world that he was the star of. Hogan, selfish and egotistical to be sure, but he worked his a*s off to &quot:spread the word&quot: about pro wrestling in general and the WWF in particular to the entire world and got the WWF (and pro wrestling) known throughout the entire world that didn’t know about it before.

Hogan tried to do the same with WCW in the 90’s. He had some success, but not on the scale of the 80’s. He’s trying to do the same with TNA today.

Flair is the &quot:god&quot: of wrestling because he’s it’s best and most complete performer in it’s history.

Hogan is the &quot:jesus&quot: of wrestling because he’s the one who’s done the most (and best) work in &quot:spreading the word&quot: about pro wrestling in general, and the companies he’s worked for in particular.

I got this from quote from The Dragon &quot:wrestlers never retire.&quot: Ric Flair lost his match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008 and he had the biggest retirement ceremony on Monday Night Raw. Sure, Vince McMahon did try to get him to leave many times before in the best before this happen he lost his match and he kept his word he left World Wrestling Entertainment sure, he did keep make special guest appearances on Raw after he left Flair wasn’t an active wrestler. And then Ric Flair goes to Ring of Honor Wrestling and he’s the Commissioner there for a while. And the he shocks the world on January 4, 2010 when he appeared in Tna Wrestling. From what I understand he’s got a short term contract with Tna Wrestling I think he’s doing a great job mentoring A.J. Styles and grooming him to be a future 16-Time World Champ in the future. Other than, that what’s there left to prove? He’s 16-Time Former World Heavyweight Champion, his wrestling career has span 4 Decades and he doesn’t need to keep doing this to himself. It’s okay for him to keep helping A.J. Styles and mentoring him and making him his protГ©gГ©e. Ric Flair is 61 yrs old and he’s living in the past he’s trying to help him the same way he helped out Triple H in World Wrestling Entertainment. He doesn’t need to get involved in matches he’s going to end up getting a career ending injury. I respect Flair immensely I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me he’s not a traitor he’s doing it for the money to live the lifestyle he’s accustomed to living he’s got to be working and he earns a fraction of his wwe salary working for Tna Wrestling. Edit::::: Ric Flair’s actually a 2-Time former WWF/Champion and Triple Crown Champion. He did mentor Triple H and was part of the Evolution stable that was not all that he accomplished in the WWE though in the 90’s he did win 2 World Championships. WQ:) Option B Randy Orton. I would like to see a Ladder Match at TLC next month in December Randy Orton vs. The Miz neither competitor has competed in a high profile Ladder Match for the Wwe Championship. They have competed in regular MITB Ladder Match never in a one on one Ladder Match title match. WQ2:) LOL. He’s actually a local here in my area, Michael Cole and his family own a house in Mcallen, Texas that’s near the valley where I’m from I don’t know where he lives I just remember Jim Ross saying that when we had the Hurricane over a few years ago that storm was really bad and caused housing damage I’m sure he had home owners insurance so I’m sure what got damaged in the storm must of gotten repaired. I’m sure there are lots of ‘Cole Miners’ in yahoo answers.

How can HBK be Jesus when he had a feud with ‘Jesus’ a few years ago? lol

So that would be JBL – The Wrestling God. lol just kidding but seriously no I don’t consider them to be the God or Jesus. Its wrestling not cricket where we would have Gods 😛

@The people saying Hogan – well what separates Hogan from Shawn and Flair is that Hogan wasn’t good in the ring while Shawn Michaels and Flair are *nearly* as much popular as Hogan but also more complete in ring performers. No matter how big Hogan was but to call him a wrestling god you would have to consider the wrestling ability + popularity! You can’t only consider popularity.

Well, first of all for the people that can’t understand, he said &quot:The God of WRESTLING not GOD&quot: same with HBK. As for my answer, i’m having a hard time thinking of what and how i should answer…But my answer is yes, Ric Flair is a legend, he’s very talented and he is one of the greatest wrestlers ever. On the other hand Shawn Michaels is very charismatic and awesome, his matches are so entertaining, i love him! I don’t really like Ric Flair but he’s still one of the best wrestlers ever.

Sorry, i know my answer isn’t that great, but that’s all i can say about that.

I don’t believe that there should be God &amp: Jesus of Professional Wrestling. Shawn Michaels &amp: Ric Flair have been through a lot in their careers and made a name for themselves especially in their primes. There both are better than most wrestlers like The Undertaker who got popular because of the &quot:Streak&quot:. Hulk Hogan &amp: Andre the Giant were like Superman vs. Lex Luthor or atleast a bigger one. Ric Flair &amp: Shawn Michaels proved over the years that there are legends. These two made several impacts in their career. Shawn Michaels won the WWF Championship about Three Times and Ric Flair has won 16 World Titles.

They are more advanced than others. Your right about how they were two of the best wrestlers of all-time and HBK &amp: Flair should make it to the top ten best wrestlers of all-time.

Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, &amp: many others had great moments.

Ric Flair is known for his matches with Ricky &quot:The Dragon&quot: Steamboat and the matches were turned into classics.Ric Flair also had the Four Horsemen &amp: Evolution which were successful stables in my opinion.

Shawn Michaels is known for D-Generation X which again was another successful stable/tag team.

Shawn Michaels is also recognized with by his feud with the Undertaker &amp: Bret &quot:The Hitman&quot: Hart. The Montrel Screwjob changed professional wrestling.

Ric Flair who is also known for the &quot:Wooo&quot: made history in wrestling as well. Shawn Michaels match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 &amp: 26 were arguably great matches.

Both of these men made wrestling more popular then before. Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, Bobby Heenan, Randy Savage also made wrestling popular too.

HBK &amp: Ric Flair were in great storylines and are considered legends.

ha, ur right. they are amazing.

Figuratively…Yes. But then the thought comes to mind, Ric Flair may label himself the &quot:god&quot: of wrestling, but is there any other wrestler that can also carry that title. The only other person i can see carrying that title is Hogan and I see a constant debate over whether it’s Hogan or Flair. Shawn Michaels as the &quot:Jesus&quot: of wrestling just fits in my opinion. I don’t think any other wrestler can take that label. I remember seeing that promo when Flair first said it and the thought that came to my mind is &quot:Flair is a little too old to be comparing himself to God right now&quot:. lol.

I would consider Ric Flair the &quot:God&quot: of wrestling, Undertaker as a close second. I think Ric Flair was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, regardless of him &quot:not knowing when to quit&quot:. I don’t see anything wrong with Ric Flair still being in a wrestling company (TNA). The hardcore matches might be taking it a little to far but I don’t see whats wrong with him leading a faction with new, and younger talent. I think people should remember the 80’s when he was at his best in the NWA. His Forehorsemen days were legendary. Even thought I started watching wrestling in ’06, watching him on WWE Classics and DVDs, it’s truly incredible. Even when he went to the WWE and people were saying that he is past his prime and he should retire. If you liked him or not, he could still amaze all of the fans night in and night out. People may have thought he was washed up and worthless in his last few years in WWE, well he proved everyone wrong at Wrestlemania 23. His legendary match with Shawn Michaels on the night of Wrestlemania 23 was one of me favorite matches of all time. Some people may think Ric Flair is still just &quot:hogging the spotlight&quot: but in my opinion, him being in TNA shows his passion, and love for the businesss. People say that he is only in TNA because he needs to pay money to ex-wifes, well I am just curiousus how they know why he is still signed to a wrestling promotion. And even thought that MIGHT be a reason, I truly belive Ric Flair has the upmost passion and respect for the business and he doesn’t want to leave it. So I have no disagreements is someone considers Ric Flair The &quot:God&quot: of Professional wrestling.

Undertaker would also be an honorable mention as the &quot:God&quot: of wrestling. He had a bone-shilling gimmick as the &quot:Deadman&quot: and the &quot:Phenom&quot:. Which he played of very well. All his promos, and his storylines really struck fear into the crowd (and his rival). He also had a gimmick as an &quot:American Bad @ss&quot: and how entertaining and electrifying was he during those years? Undertaker also has incredible in-ring abilities (which are over shadowed by his gimmick). Who could forget his legendary matches with HBK, Stone Cold, Kane, and even Batista. If someone can make Batista look that great in the ring, you know he has got some talent. Undertaker also has an immense amount of respect, from his peers backstage, and prom the crowd. You never hear anyone bash Undertaker backstage. Even when Undertaker offered Kane and Randy Orton to end his Wrestlemania Streak, they declined because of their respect for him. Also when was the last time the crowd chanted &quot:WHAT?&quot: during one of Undertaker’s promos? I truly believe Undertaker is one of the best wrestlers of all time.

Shawn Michaels being the Jesus of wrestling is also true (maybe a few others would also deserve the title). Shawn Michaels, in my opinion, is one of the best in-ring performers of all time (at least in mainstream wrestling). When Shawn Michaels started his career, he was selfish, and he was jerk. He was not a nice person backstage and he was even fired after his first day (even though he was signed back). Then Shawn Michaels found God and God showed him the way for his career to evolve, and have his personalitybackstage become better. In my opinion, him becoming a better person backstage, and earning respect is what made his career legendary. This is a big part of his nick name &quot:The Heart Break Kid&quot:. Later in his career, &quot:The Heart Break Kid&quot: had some of the greatest matches of all time, with the likes of Razor Roman and Bret Hart. When people say HBK is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time, you hear no disagreements from me. I think HBK earned the title of &quot:The Greatest In-ring Performer of all time&quot: &quot:The Heart Break Kid&quot: &quot:The ShowStoppa&quot: &quot:Mr. Wrestlemania&quot: and he deserves to be called the &quot:Jesus&quot: of professional wrestling.

My 2nd choice of the &quot:Jesus&quot: of wrestling would be Mick Foley. People may think &quot:Mick Foley? Are you out of your mind&quot:. I reason I choose Mick Foley is because the way he risked his life in all of the legendary Hardcore matches he was in, showed that he had so much respect for the fans and the business People say Pro Wresters risk their lives for the fans every night, well Mick Foley took that to a higher extent. He fell of Hell in a Cells, he went into fire, he went through thumbtacks and glass, he got bashed over the head with chairs, he risked his life countless times for the buisness. So I don’t see why he wouldn’t deserve to be called the &quot:Jesus&quot: of Pro Wrestling.

Instead of you using the term, &quot:god&quot: in a wrestling question, how about put &quot:Would you consider Ric Flair, The King of Wrestling and Shawn Michaels the Prince?

To answer that, no I wouldnt.Ric Flair is over rated.He was a good wrestler back in his time and he is still trying to wrestle.He should really be a manager and remain a manager with occasional wrestling matches.This is what I would say though.

Kurt Angle=King of Wrestling
Undertaker and Shawn Michaels=Princes of Wrestling

Most people won’t like this answer, but I would consider Hulk Hogan to be the &quot:God&quot: of professional wrestling.

Now, I’m not a &quot:Hulkamaniac&quot: and don’t have much feeling towards the guy one way or another, but I don’t think anyone looking at his career objectively can understate the tremendous impact he had on everything to do with professional wrestling.

Just about everything that we know as wrestling today comes from Hogan. Yes, it was Vince McMahon who created the whole Hogan persona, but it was Hogan, the man himself, who perfected it and turned it into what it was. Hogan was, and still is, a massive influence on the whole gimmick aspect of wrestling. He was the first &quot:Face of the Company&quot:, or at least, he was as we use the term today. Guys like John Cena Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, basically ANYone who has filled that same type of role that Hogan did, owes at least a portion of their careers to Hogan’s impact on the business. Some of them became mega-stars while some of them enjoyed a brief stay at the top before fizzling out, but because of how wildly successful Hogan was, and the amazing pop-culture icon he became and still is today, the WWE still eternally searches for &quot:the next Hogan&quot: to capture the mainstream interest like that once again. Vince is always on the hunt for &quot:the next Andre&quot:, which is why we always see so many (often failed) attempts at pushing giants (think guys like The Great Khali or Mark Henry) and &quot:the next Hogan&quot: which is why we, every few years or so, see a guy thrust to the forefront of the WWE.

As for the &quot:Jesus&quot: of professional wrestling, Shawn isn’t a bad pick at all, but my vote goes to Stone Cold Steve Austin. The wrestling business, and especially the WWF back then, was on a steep decline in the mid-90’s. Hulkamania had faded, and the public wasn’t all that captivated by the traditional &quot:say your prayers, eat your vitamins&quot: superhero anymore. However, once Austin hit the scene in a big way with the WWF, that all changed. the WWF rebounded right when they were on death’s door and mainstream wrestling popularity skyrocketed to dizzying heights that we haven’t seen before or since. The vast majority of that popularity has to go to the impact created by Austin. Aside from Hogan in the 80’s I can’t think of a single other wrestler from ANY period that was able to establish such a real connection with the public and really strike a chord with them. Heck, I would even say that Austin surpassed Hogan in that regard.

And now, the WWE is still looking for that one transcendent superstar in the same mould as Hogan and Austin.

No. i’m not religious at all. This begins to happen though in pro wrestling. Pro Wrestling is a
major business it pays well and gives thousands of people jobs, inside and out of the ring, I bet
during the recession last years pro wrestling saved a bunch of people. Age 18 is the legal age. HBK
he’s one of a kind athletic succeeds in every skill you need to have for pro wrestling but he’s not the
only one, I bet in an indepedent scene not even a mian stream one there’s the pick of the liter,undertaker he’s a different story and ric flair nicest &quot:son of a gun&quot: you’ll EVER meet but the guy
is incompetent when it comes to lacing up his boots, their will always be the top guys in the business that you have to respect but you cannot pick a best because it’s a thriving business,
sure low ki/senshi aka Kaval is great but as soon as he got into his prime Amazing Red only a 20
year old became a veteran of the craft in 2 years and all he had to thank for is being a fan of rey mysterio.

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