What’s the best part of being a Lions fan?

A) The Red Wings are always good
B) Gives you a subject for jokes around the holidays
C) A Lions fan has the right to call fans from any other team bandwagoners and look just fine doing it
D) More paper bags to pack your lunch in on Monday.


BQ) Packers 23-14 😛

The very beginning – I swear I saw it in the cinema and with the atmospheric music, the wonderful animation and then Rafiki presents Simba to the kingdom….by the time it came up with ‘Walt Disney Presents’ I already was bawling like a baby

The Lions are a GOOD football team. And as my second favorite team I would eliminate B and D. I would say A and C. And the lions are going to smoke the Packers so bad that they will have to pack! ok…..now i seem stupid….lol

E) All of the above + your team can’t get any worse.

BQ: Packers 31-21. Lions lead 14-10 at halftime.

B, C, and D. Red Wings suck. Go Pens! 😛

BQ: 23-20 Packers. The Lions are always in the game regardless of who they play.

id say c. the bags belong to the aints. not all lions fans are wings fans though. but i would say it has to be the fact that your team is so bad, you dont get upset as much as a team that doesnt win like the packers, vikings or steelers.

We are the only team that has a rookie that will make the all star team and all pro team.

At least you have an excuse for being doubly pissed off on Mondays during football season.

u get 2 watch Ndomukong Suh play

Expecting the worst and being happy that u ONLY lost instead of being blown out.

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