Shouldn’t the main political parties rather than criticizing the B.N.P do something about mass immigration to?

the U.K? With New Labour’s open door policy for the last 10 years. We see that New Labour backed the integration of eastern countries into the E.U without a thought to the strain it would have on British, dental surgeries, GP’s, N.H.S, Housing and Prisons but to name a few. Then there is all the east European gangs with guns, drugs and people trafficking that flooded into the U.K. Surely we need less criticism of the B.N.P and more action from other head in the sand political parties?

Gordon Brown has, he claimed British jobs for British workers about a week after the BNP won two seats at the EU elections. And then claimed it was at the top of his agenda. It wasn’t labours concern for 10 years previous. Now all of a sudden its an important issue for them. Some Economic migrants only went to the UK to get free medical care, medical care that wasn’t even available to the natives. Leap Frogging and getting priority over people who fought lived and worked for Britain. Its not head in the sand, its people needing a good kick up the a’rse!

All three political parties are now sh!tting themselves as they realise that their lack of action in this area is going to backfire drastically.

For the last ten years, they’ve seen immigration as a problem that they can sweep under the carpet. Haven’t they learnt from history, that you can only push the British people so far before they rise and fight. If you want examples, then look no further than the peasants revolt, the civil war, The General Strike, Poll Tax riots.

The BNP is sadly the only party that is giving the indigenous people of Britain the opportunity to reverse 50 years of wrong. It would be sad if the BNP have a successful election, but if they do, then the mainstream parties can rest the blame at their own shameful feet.

I know that the BNP will not triumph completely at the General Election, but they will get more votes this year than they ever have before, and they will continue to do so year after year until they do win UNLESS the other parties address this issue NOW.

Remember, Hitler triumphed because he appealed to a repressed German nation. We either learn from history or we’re condemned to repeat it.

Mr Brown, Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, The choice is yours.

The main political parties in the UK are like a private members club – they all p!ss in the same pot and go with whatever is fashionable at the time. A bit like smoking – once fashionable, now an athema, so all parties subscribe to the anti-smoking brigade.

Hence the reason you have people like Cameron, supposedly on the right, supporting communist organisations like the UAF which are so far left they’re like an anti-clockwise corkscrew.

Being anti-fascist, anti-racist and pro-immigration is seen as fashionable. If polls carried out in the UK are anything to go by the time is fast approaching when public opinion will change, at which time so will the main parties. This is already being seen in New Labour’s attempts at border control and the Tories plans for immigration control – all part of the &quot:we’re listening to your concerns and acting on them&quot: programme.

Well looks like the answerers to your question can’t stop harking on about the BNP either ! Anyway about labour yes they have no policy on immigration and are scared about looking racist and don’t care if british workers are undercut by immigrants who come from eastern europe to work for less and then take that money back to poland a few years later. Yes many of the polish have already gone home.

We have MPs with their heads up their own back passage and no commonsense,people who have proved by their actions they are only interested in themselves,if most of them had two brains they only be more stupid,so why are we surprised the country is going down the toilet?We have trusted these idiots for too long and it is time the people went to the streets.I am not talking about an anarchist operation,I am talking about a mass,peaceful series of rallies starting outside Buck House and mirrored in cities around the country.Make it a unmissable media event and ongoing until something positive is done.

Mass immigration would of been stopped a long time ago if Government officials and Corporations really wanted it.

Remember.. Corporations LOVE cheap labor.. especially when they can pay people under the table to avoid giving benefits and insurance to the workers. Corporations also finance a lot of Government officials campaigns. SO.. the general attitude is &quot:let them in!&quot:

Its the regular every day American that has the issue with illegal immigrants because they take away jobs and cause crimes.

But Corporations and Government care about 2 things and 2 things only = 1. Money and 2. Their agenda.

Business will let a computer do a job over a person if they could. They don’t care about providing jobs.. they care about making money.

its strange but have you not the brains to work out that if the Government have an open door policy
why are people sneaking in illegally or claiming asylum ?
what you say just does not add up
what your talking about are migrant workers coming to the UK from other member states of Europe
have you stopped to think of the hundreds of thousands of Brits working and living in Europe or in your mind do only they ever want to come here?
maybe you should get your facts right before you start bleating

Can you provide evidence that Eastern European countries joining the EU has been a negative thing for the UK?
For example, do you know what percentage of the East European population of the UK is unemployed, compared with the British population? Or what percentage is in Prison? I assume you know all this as you have made the allegations???

I hate to break it to you mac, but in order stem the losses of voters, the established parties (or should I say dictators?) would have stop mass immigration (both illegal and legal)

HOWEVER, it will never stop with them in power.

why do you ask?, because its….racist! (gotta love that word, its like second nature in liberal-left socialist Britain these days!)

yup, Conservative and Labour are now wholly left-wing liberal socialists (hence the **** this country has been getting over the last 30 years), but in order to correct this immigration problem, not only would it be deemed racist, but would infact go against the very nature of the establisted parties.

The things that have destroyed britain (or are going to)

1/ Left-wing socialism
3/ Its not my fault culture (connected to 1 + 2)
4/ let the goverment think for me &amp: protect me culture – hence why self defence is illegal for the most part (connected to 3)


but they are terrified of appearing racist

any discussion about immigration usually ends in immigrants complaining that you are racist if you do not see the endless beauty of the multicultural slum that is the reality of many british cities

labour and the tories have been way too generous to the muslims in order to buy their vote…..we are told they are a small minority in britain but they are very over represented in government

the bbc is also a fan of positive or racist discrimination against the white majority……

but anyway, the most vocal opponents of the bnp are from the third world or descendents of third world immigrants…..it is to their advantage to demonise the bnp who seek to limit the numbers coming from africa and south east asia in the future…..

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