Auto Repair Shop Advertising at Scene of Car Crash?

So, my Dad was in a car accident today (he’s fine). I arrived at the scene of the crash to translate what he was saying to the police, since he can’t speak English very well. What angers me is that there were two people from two different auto repair shops trying to hand their business cars to my Dad and arguing about who found him first. They were arguing about having license of the streets in that area, and mocking each others shops. Is this a normal occurrence? Or is it just that the shops in my area are run by total nincompoops?

When you have a crash you have to tell the tow company where you want it towed. If you do not it goes to your home or police impound. So if you do not deal with a body shop regularly you would have no idea where to tell them to take it.

Best to call your insurance company and ask them for a reccomendation if you can get a hold of someone.

So these scumbags work on commission for every wreck they bring in. they listen to the police scanner and when there is a wreck they go into action. You will get the same thing if you ever have a house fire. All the clean up and board up company hawks swoop in trying to get the job.

Thats our free market for ya.

Although auto crashes have become quite common over the last decade and we notice them every day around us, no matter if we are participating in the morning or evening traffic rush or are just passing by, we can never be prepared to meet such events. When injures through the fault of a negligent driver are sustained you, as a claimant against the party at fault should take care of collecting all the evidence – pictures, business cards of witnesses willing to testify etc. Unfortunately, road collision victims are sometimes injured too much to take care of that themselves, so if you are involved in a case like that, you better call an auto crash attorney immediately after the accident took place.

Those are basically ambulance chasers
There are even construction companys who rush to florida when hurricanes hit because they know people down there are desperate to have work done when most of the companies there had their business destroyed
Those kinds of scumbags try to thrive off of other peoples hardships

The two shops are ran by idiots. Hang on to the business cards, then when you go to have the car fixed, just don’t go to either of those shops.

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