What to do when your best friend steals the baby name you picked?

My best friend and i lived together for the past 2 years…and when my fiance’s cousin had a baby they decided to use the name that we had picked out for when we start a family(Connor)….i mean they even tried using my fiance’s middle name (which isnt a common one)! But his mom taked him out of it…i was very upset at the time that they used that name my bestfriend cheered me up and kept saying that was wrong of them and we talked about future names for our kids knowing that i have been hooked on these names for the longest time! THEN she goes and uses the girl name i had picked out because she had a rush wedding because she got pregnant….and she told me over and over what she wanted to name her baby if it was a girl…..and when she announced it to everyone at the baby shower….it was the same name i had picked out! And when i asked her about it she said she never knew i liked that name and if i wanted to COPY her i could …..i know its dumb but for her to even act like she didnt know kills me! 🙁 What would you do?

That is so wrong! I’m the only one of my friends right now that is pregnant, but if one of them stole my favorite baby name that I KNEW I wanted to name my child, I would definitely call her out on it. How dare she do that to you? It may sound dumb, but it honestly is not. That’s not fair because now when you do have a child, you will have to scour the books looking for a new name. Tell that b**** to suck it!

I fully understand how you feel Lily. But you should just let this name go and find another wonderful name for your little girl. There are thousands of wonderful names and many of them are even prettier then Jade. Just learn from this and NEVER tell your friends what you’re planning to name your baby And yes Mike G, it’s hell being a women but being a man is a lot worse.

There is nothing you can do to change her mind. She is going to dig her heels in about this just because she can.

This is also one of the reasons why my husband and I have decided to not share the names we have chosen for our baby. We had a boy’s name and a girl’s name picked out and felt it would be best to keep it to ourselves. Even though we now know we are having a boy, we are still keeping the girl’s name to ourselves so that in the future, no one can take it.

My best friend and I shared our favorite baby names a long time ago, and when she had her little girl, she took my favorite name as her daughter’s middle name. It was very upsetting to me, especially since she had told me she was going to name the baby something else, but at the same time, it completely turned me off the name. I don’t want my kids’ name having anything in common with her kids’ names.

You can always point out to people that you were surprised she chose that name since the last time you two spoke of baby names, she wanted X and you wanted the name she is currently using. People will realize that she basically stole the name from you, especially if they ask where she picked the name. You can always laugh and interrupt her, saying you told her that you liked that name years ago when you were still living together.

You are still more than welcomed to name your baby the same thing. I’m sure there is more than one person with that name. I know it seems awkward sometimes to do that but especially since it sounds like you aren’t expecting right now, there will be an age difference between the children. (I don’t think it is as awkward this way)
One of my best friends just had a baby and they named their child the same thing I was thinking about naming mine (They didn’t know that was what we where going to name our next child because we haven’t announced the name yet) Anyway, I decided to name this child something different and if I have another one I will use the name my BF took.

Name your daughter that anyway. Are you pregnant now? How soon do you plan to have children? If there is a several year age gap between the girls, it shouldn’t be akward. Even if they are only a few months apart in age, tough for her. Just tell your daughter the story of her name often.

Well, Sally, your daddy and I knew that your name would be Sally May from the time we were engaged in 2006, many years before you actually came to us. We chose the name because… (tell her your reason here). My best friend, your Aunt Jenny, decided when her daughter was born that she liked your totally awesome name so much that she named her daughter that, too! So, really, even though you are younger, Big Sally is named after you! Isn’t that cool?

I would be highly insulted. Some friend, steeling your baby name! I know steel her baby! LOL j/k.

Looks like you’ll have to come up with another good name idea, and this time keep it to yourself.

i think she is doing it is because she knows that it hurts you. it sounds like you are easy to screw with. but why do you care so much? its just a silly baby name. people do things all the time to be cruel. you should be more worried about why you trusted such a stupid harpee and how you can avoid it in the future. really, i feel bad for her unborn child because she’s the one who will have to put up with her. at least she’ll have a good name that you thought of. if you thought up such a bad *** name you should be able to think of one just as good anyway. really, when you get down to its dumb drama.

Well it’s not against the low, but I can understand how you feel… Your set on a name for little one, and it’s almost like its taken.. you’ll just have to accept it.

Doesn’t mean you can’t use it too.

I would be really annoyed if it was me… try convince her not to like it

It sucks she stole your favorite name but really all you can do is kick yourself for telling about the name to begin with.

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