Do you think a mustang is a good car for a 16 year old girl?

I ask a question yesterday about a Chrysler 300 for a 16 year old girl but she has decides it between that and a mustang do you think a 16 year old with a mustang is cool or a 16 year old with a Chrysler 300 ?

No!….HELL NO! even

Seems like there are a ton of 16yr this exact same question everyday on here. But my answer doesn’t change. Cause the facts never seem change and the facts are like every other kid that just got their license you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE past the absolute minimum you did to get your license. You may think otherwise, or say you have good grades, and are a careful driver. And you may telling the truth but the bottom like is you have no real experience or history.

And on top of that the stats w/ inexperienced teens and and cars with any kind power is not good to say the least.

So given those facts ANY insurance agent you go to, will see you as part of those stats (since you have no driving history) and charge you (or more likely your parents) A FORTUNE to insure you. So really on cost alone I would just skip mustangs and anything sporty or big (like a 300) with you at least for a couple of years.

What you need is something relatively small, but safe,reliable, and cheap to run,fix, and insure.

O fercryinoutloud

I keep seeing all the warnings about Mustangs and new drivers and am astonished.
I’ve been in the auto business for well over 25 years and, in my experiences… Ive seen many new drivers in Mustangs and they were smart, responsible drivers and lived threw it without collisions.

^that being said…
The Chrysler 300 is a 4 door sedan and usually appeals to an older crowd. Insurance rates will be cheaper.
The Mustang, on the other hand, spells youth and excitement. Is rear wheel drive so she will need to learn how to drive it ( a little different than most Drivers Ed cars)

I would opt for a 6 cylinder late model Mustang with extra safety features such as ABS with Traction control, MyKey (which will give parental control over some features), and SYNC (which will give her hands_free/voice_control for the entertainment system and other safety/conveniences)

Worst choice you can make, First off who’s paying for the insurance on this vehicle? you know it wont be cheap, and second would you rather be cool or safe? last I checked 16 year old girls don’t drive very well, and tend to have accidents, and a V6 or V8 performance car makes those accidents that much worse, if I had a daughter she’d get a newer safe 4 cyl economy car that was cheap to insure or an old Ford Crown Victoria, maybe a nice pick up. then when the spoiled little brat whined about not being cool I’d say, Fine walk if you don’t like it’ actually a 2 seat PU is your best bet as a parent, this way the SLB wont be driving around with her distracting little friends

I think they are but for a first car if you get a mustang get a v6 but make sure it has traction control. for the looks part of it a 16 yr old would look much cooler in a mustang.

Let me see??? A 16 year old (inexperinced driver) with a mustang (mucle car) , step on the gas and lets find out?…(how fast she/or he WRECK… I’d CHECK insuranse rates FIRST! and make SURE medical IS covered

A mustang would be fine and cool 🙂


MUSTANG!. chrylers is for people in theirs 20’s, just sayin

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