Spiritually speaking: Is it heresy?

If I have pasta for dinner tonight? :-p

If you’re Pastafarian? No. If you’re Xian, then by now, probably yes.

This question reminds me of something my (hopefully) Future Wife says pretty frequently. We both make sure to keep some of our preferred Ritual Drink around for our Rituals, and whenever I say, &quot:Damn, babe. We’re all outta’ Ritual Drink!&quot:, she’ll often respond with a gasp, followed by the word &quot:Heresy!!!&quot: XD

Poking fun of the Righteous is probably our favorite passtime as you can see… Or maybe our SECOND favorite!

Seriousely, anything that isn’t Xian is pretty much Heresy by now. They made it that way so they’d be able to threaten as many people with excommunication as possible…

Remind me why I can’t seem to achieve my lifelong dream of Excommunication? *sigh*, oh well, patience is a virtue!

Of course not. Don’t you know. The FSM, Chuck Norris, the Eternal Squid and God are all friends – they have to be or else Chuck Norris will kick their ***.

No, FSM appreciates all homage to His Noodly Goodness.

I am tired of eating pasta.

The FSM will grin greatly upon you.

eat and repent afterwards

um… i don’t like pasta. at all.

oh yes, baby!!!!!
It’ a serious sin!!!!!

No,it’s not.


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