Islam is a way of life to happy ending? Yes or No?

Real Islam means living a short life where human must coexist and live in peace with others.
The other Islam that you know from the midia is living the life for politics and life itself. That is not Islam.

those who think that islam leads to war or oppression of rights or smth —– they share opinion of tabloids, cheap media. or would u tell me any other source that u use?

now all educated people know that xtianity, islam, buddhism – they all preach humanistic values. therefore they have worldwide meaning and they all contributed to developpement of whole civilisations. (go back to school and study history, art, civilisation, philosophy)

so posting lines about war, oppression, cruelty and so on.. well thats not serious. that just emphasises ur own ignorance.

islam is the unique way to happy ending cause happy ending belongs only to the truth path. there may exist thousands of humanistic ideologies, theories, religions… but if they do not possess Truth, they are nothing, but a rosy foam.

have u ever thought that muslims are those who say scores of times a day – in the name of God, the Most Mercyful, the Most Compassionate.
how do u ever apply notion of hatred and cruelty to them?
or do u confuse muslims with &quot:so called muslims&quot:?

all praise be to Allah alone for His mercy and guidence, for He approved for us islam as religion and made no difficulties in it.

I know some moderate Muslims. They are very good people. It’s the fanatical Islamists that make the news and give people the wrong impression that all Muslims are like them.

I only wish that the moderate Muslims would get outraged and do something about the terrorist acts that their kook brothers commit. That’s the rub.

Islam was a good religion to study and practice.
Not any more, the evil clerics have preached their evil and twisted the &quot:interpretation&quot: of the Qu’ran for their own power seeking and perverted ends, to the blind faithful.
It is not Islam that is wrong, it is the religious leaders.
So until they see the error of their ways, my answer is NO!

this is not any longer the fact in any respect. this is sturdy that you question Islam. perhaps this is God’s way of telling you to seek the fact for you personal nicely-being and the protection of your soul. It takes an exceedingly courageous Muslim to question Islam because it shows you’re keen to discover the fact instead of believing what you’ve been taught all of your existence.

Islam means existing in the 7th century, women be subservient to men, Islam means no tolerance for anyone that believes or thinks differently from you. Treating women as second class citizens (two women equal one man)
Capital punishments for reading the Bible or any book other than approved Islamic literature, making any conceptual drawing, photographs or paintings of Allah or Muhammad (even if it glorifies them).

No, Islam is not the way of Life to a Happy Ending. Christianity, Judaism, or even athiesism. They won’t kill or harm you because you believe differently, they will pray for you. Jesus will speak to you. Does Muhammad or Allah speak to you? &quot:God, only spoke to two men, Moses and the Prophet Allah&quot: – Minister Sa-Id from &quot:Oz&quot:

Yes with conviction not with bla bla. Western people who converted to Islam had studied this religion for years to be convinced. Not jus to say yes or no with ignorance.

Islam is submission to the Will of Allah Who is the Creator and Cherisher of all of mankind.

and those planes didn’t really didn’t hit the world trade center..
You people treat your women like dogs, no i treat my dogs better. I see nothing about peace or coexisting with infidels. Oh yea, you will be really disappointed when you find out that your leaders were just kidding about the virgins. They just needed you to do their dirty work.

But the type of Islam that is sweeping the world is militant, evil, and dangerous.

Co-exist and live peacefully when under Islam.

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