Porsche Boxster S or Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG?


Im intrested in buying a two seat roadster, and iv narrowed down my search to two vehicles. A Porsche Boxster S, or a Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG. Although buying the AMG should not be a problem I would also like to consider value for the money as obviously these cars are not going to be my every day driver. Apprecating all the help I can get 😀 !


I have had the pleasure of selling both the Porsche and the Mercedes Benz. I can tell you that both are great cars. However, if I were to buy one, it would be the SLK 55 AMG hands down.

The Benz isn’t going to be as flashy as the Porsche, and you cannot get the SLK 55 with a manual transmission (which turns off a lot of sports roadster people). But, you’re going to have a ton of power (from a hand built engine, not manufactured like the Porsche), a smooth, deep sounding exhaust note, and most importantly, a hard top. With the top up, you basically have a coupe. It helps to make a much more rigid vehicle which enhances the ride.

Maintenance on both vehicles will not be cheap, but you already know that. The Mercedes will be easier to service since there are more MB stores around.

The look of the SLK, the fact that it more or less looks like a regular SLK, means that it will be more of a sleeper on the street. The Porsche will probably draw more eyeball. The big drawback to the Porsche is that many people will question why you didn’t spring for a 911.

I’ve had many clients that have driven both, and most of the people I talk to prefer the Benz.

go the merc all the way.

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