Israel is killing innocent children and people now and you are silent. why???

Israel is killing innocent children and people now and you are silent. why??? http://www.fromisraeltolebanon.com

Some say it is not the time to be sentimental, it is time to fight back the real terrorism in this world.

However, I cannot help the tears running down my cheek, and the sorrow breaking down my heart.

For in the name of which justice Israel had the right to love us so much?

For how can they ask their children to sign the gifts they are sending us to Lebanon?

For how can these human beings (if there is anything left out of humanity in them) can hurt the Lebanese so much, after being hurt so much?

The victim cannot turn to an oppressor. I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe all Israelies are war criminals like their government. I refuse to believe that in the name of fighting terrorism we destroy the beautiful land where Jesus made his first miracle.

God, if you still have some faith in your creation, I call upon you… Reveal yourself, for peace is bleeding without your help. Human beings are becoming real savages, life is becoming much more then what we deserve to have.

You, the man above, look at the children of Lebanon…



I agree with you that innocent people are dying in Lebanon and it is not just! I do not feel that innocent people should ever have to die because the leaders of two countries cannot get along. But, the attacks have to stop on both sides for people to ever know peace. Hezbollah must also stop attacking Israel. I think it is sad that we live in a world where so many innocent people have to die while the leaders who are leading us all into wars live in relative safety. Your prayer is a good prayer and I also hope the people of all countries and religions can be at peace with one another and be friends. Hope it happens in our lifetimes. Peace be with you!

First of all its a self defence action that Isreal is taking and yes they showed a katyush launcher firing from qana and they stated how many they shot a 150.
and a lawyer also spoke about this and stated that the u.n once recieved a resloution that said that if an armed force is firing from civilian concentration
and their enemy shot back and kill those civilians then that armed force who shot from a civilian location is the one to cary all blame.
and you know who set this as a presidence , thats right it was in lebanon a few years ago and it involved 2 factions from lebanon shooting at each other.
so please check the facts before you start throwing accusations.This is not to mention that Lebanon is in violation of the UN code 1559. Now since hezbollahs aim sucks and the rockets miss there target is hezbollah morally superior ? Maybe people here should look at the steps israel has taken to try to get civilians out of the southern areas ……… what steps did hezbollah take to get israeli civilians out of the rocket areas? NONE of course no the idea of hezbollah is to kill as many israeli civilians as possible. Now here is a question for everyone to ponder and you may want to also address this one………. Where is the safest place in Israel?
My answer is anywhere the IDF is since hezbollah just targets civilians …and for all those saying that israel is trying to &quot:terrorize Lebanon into submission&quot: isn’t that pot calling the kettle black? Plus, Lebanon was never a real country. Hezballh obviously had the military strength to take over the country whenever it wanted to. It already ruled the south and could and did commit the country to war when it chose. We can only hope that Lebanon will be survive as a free country, but that requires that Hezballah be squashed. In conclusion: There are always lots of civilian deaths in war, generally far more than military ones, except in the unusual circumstance where BOTH sides are willing to just go out into empty fields and confront each other and confine themselves to that sort of battle. There were certainly far more civilian than military deaths in WWII for example. The same or actually worse proportionately was true in ancient times and everywhere in between. We’ve simply become far more skittish about it, particularly with cable / satellite 24/7 news. Israel is fighting this to keep Hezbollah from raining or being able to rain rockets upon it from a safe haven in Lebanon. It’s been doing that off and on for six years and it’s arsenal has recently been increasing alarmingly both in number, and in range and size. It’s simply intolerable to allow Hezbollah to keep raining rockets into Israel or further building it’s arsenal. Lebanon should have disarmed this state within a state militia dedicated to making Israel unviable as it was required to do un UN 1559, and as other normal states do without any such resolution.

Hezbollah is using women and children as human shields. Hezbollah will not let the Lebanese leave Lebanon. Why don’t you talk about that?

Israel was attacked when 2 of their soldiers were kidnapped and murdered. Israel is doing what they need to do to live. If they back down now they will continue to be attacked.

Open your eyes.

Stop posting this freakin propoganda! Why should Isreal be stopped? They are protecting THEIR land and their people. These idiots have been attacking them ever since I can remember (Back in the 60’s) They have EVERY right to defend themselves. All you hear is what the media wants you to hear. Lets take about the thousands of bombs that have gone off on buses killing and maiming innocent people over the past 2-3 decades alone. how about car bombs, missle attacks etc? It’s a wonder to me that Israel hasn’t just wiped them back to the stone age. I wouldn’t have a problem if they did either. It sure would settle a bunch of our own terrorist problems, and would bring our boys home sooner.

Those who claim Hezbollah is hiding in Lebanese cities are liars or ignoramuses. They are in the hills and countryside.

The Lebanese know this, the Israelis know this, and the media knows this but doesn’t report it.

Israel’s intent is to steal Lebanese land as a &quot:buffer zone&quot:. It’s just another in a long list of Israeli war crimes and Israeli terrorism.

What nonesense, and what naive comment. Israel has warned Lebanese days before any attack to get out of town because it will seek out and destroy Hezbollah terrorists and their weapons. Unfortunately for the Lebanese, Hezbollah has embedded itself within the population, and set up weapons within and behind residential locations, making a direct hit without hitting the residences near impossible.

Unlike the Muslim terrorists, Israel does not directly target civilians. They send warning days in advance, and have constantly tried to persuade the rest of the Muslims to fight and root out terrorism. Since they are not able to do so, Israel will.

Conversly, the Muslim terrorists are directly targeting civilians and sending katyusha rockets without any care for Israel civilians, Jewish, Christian, Muslims or otherwise.

The Middle East crisis has never been about a Palestinian state. Never was! There has never been any biblical, historical, or factual basis for a Palestinian state. Between 1948 and 1967, when Gaza was under Egyptian rule, and Judea and Sumeria (including East Jerusalem) was under Jordanian rule, NEVER ONCE was there an effort to create a Palestinian state. It was only after Israel reunited Jerusalem after winning the war in 1967, that the Arabs were up in arms. All this time they thought that they could crush Israel, and the trouble will be done: they could stop Israel from re-establishing its kingdom (a sovereignty that IS backed by biblical, historical, and factual basis).

In reality, despite continued great odds, Israel has been able to defend itself time and time again.

To the credit of the Palestinian PR/propoganda machine, they have convinced the world to create something out of nothing, with absolutely no basis to do so. All this time, people in Israel have been naive in believing that the Palestinians genuinely do want peace, and would do anything it can to rid its people of the terrorist element. We clearly see that this is not going to happen. Israel is certainly to blame for sitting on the fence rather than being proactive in its PR to the world.

Those who believe that once a Palestinian state will be created, education of hate by the PA Authority would stop: systematic preaching of hatred of Israel, Israelis, Jews, the Western world and culture would stop: terrorism would stop: suicide bombers would stop: are living a fantasy. The Palestinians and the Muslim terrorists prove it time and time again: they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The continued terrorism against Israel is not going to stop: not now: not any time in the next several generations UNTIL systematic change in the Muslim mind and culture would, by miracle (yet to happen), occurs.

Let me remind you and the world ….that BUT FOR Hezbollah going on Israel soil, killing 8 soldiers, and kidnapping 2 other soldiers, Israel would not be attacking Hezbollah strongholds to get its soldiers back, and destroy Hezbollah for attacking it with missiles in Israel.

It is amazing how one-sided many world countries are against Israel. Do they not realize that if the Muslims are successful in destroying Israel, that they would be next?

This war has never been about Palestine or the Palestinian people. However, through great marketing, the Muslims have turned world view around, while the Israelis, believing that the Muslims would become civilized and adhere to peace agreements, did nothing for over a decade, no PR, no continues marketing to explain to the world the truth. For that, in part, Israel is payin for right now.

Hezbollah has to be rooted out. Hamas has to be rooted out. Syria must be dealt with. Iran must be free of its dictatorial, tyrannical, and barbaric leadership.

Only then can we get closer to peace in the Middle East.

Im Lebanese and im a teenager (not child exactly). People come up with suche ignorant answers to eveything so once the US actually get unbiased news they might have nice open proper views. If Fox news tell people that Mc donalds is good for u they will believe them and ull hear a never ending useless argument. Some just piss me off so badly.

Since it was found that hezbollah blew up the building 7 hrs after isreal bombed the area, the lebanese are use to hezbollahs tactics and no it hasnt changed, internationally people are realizing finally as before hezbollah is willing to kill there pawns and blame it on isreal to stir the international waters…..Those woman and children were sacrificed by hezbollah to win support, its funny how things backfire………

because the building housing so many women and children was also a weapons dump for hezbollah…

only you don’t get to see that in the media…
all the journalists will report is the horrors of war…not the horrors of humanity within the hezbollah ranks.

nice try.

Oh by the way…some of the pictures…like the one of a baby being born or the human that had been dead for months make for really lousy propaganda when some of us have delivered babies and seen decomposed flesh vs burnt flesh.

Hezbollah is doing the same amount. There are always two sides to every story. Full peace in the Middle East will only come once Jesus comes back again.

Israel killed more children….so sad…nobody cares when Israel drops missiles over innocent civilians claiming there are terrorists hiding among them, nobody tries to stop them. UN tried to tell US that their policy of letting this atrocity happen is wrong, but Bush doesn’t care what the rest of the world think so long as his precious Israel is happy! When the Lebanese or Palestinians fight back (Israel came in and started it first) then they are made out to be terrorists and evil blood thirsty dogs—OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA!!! This is not fair….read the news from both sides, not just what Bush wants you to hear….

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