is what my friends mom did right or wrong?

so my friend who we’ve been friend for the past 8 years as well as our mom come to our house occasionally during summer. A few weeks ago they invited us a day before and I told my mom to say no cause we dont have the car at that time and my mom being the naive, lame, mother she is she makes up a story how me and my sister control her and we’re in control of everything which is competley false and another story to tell. Anyway they were asking us to go at like 5 and her mom would comeback from work at 7 but we have to leave by 9-10 cause her dad will also be back from work. Anyway we ended up not going and her mom saw me a week later and was like so upset and angry and like telling me what i did was so wrong and all the other bs and that i wont find a husband if i do this kind of stuff. I was so pissed i kept telling her why we couldnt but she didnt care. Anyway few weeks later i texted my friend and said since ur mom was upset are you guys avilable tomorrow, they were like lets go to picnic i was like okay come to our backyard they were like NO we will never come until you guys come to our house. I asked her what time should we come and she was like what time do you want to? I told her somewhere between 3-5 cause my brother seriously took the car to mechanic.


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