Present for a 17 year old boy turning 18?

I’m a 14 1/2 year old girl with a close relationship with a 17 year old boy. We aren’t together but we treat each other like we are. Never met him but we’re really tight and we’ve been trying to meet. He’s turning 18 soon and I wanna know what to get him… nothing too expensive or big because I have to mail it to him.

SIMPLE ANSWER ….. gift certificate

Remember, there is always room for dessert

First I’d like to ask how you know this boy. If it’s an internet thing only, don’t you dare go meet him. That’s a serious issue waiting to happen. If he’s your friend’s cousin or something, then fine. I know everyone probably tells you this, but for all you know he could be some random 40 year old guy that just wants to get to you. Don’t be fooled if he’s showed you pictures of himself as an 18-year-old, if he’s older he easily could have google searched for images to make you think he’s younger. Before meeting him, tell your parents and ask them to come with you. Meet in a public place, like a mall.

Just be careful.

Anyways, find out what music he likes, get him the new CD from his favorite band or something. Those are always thoughtful gifts. Or make him a mix CD of music from all his favorite bands.

get him a shirt or some shoes a watch do u kno what kind of stuff he likes

I’d make sure he’s real first 😀

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