Would there be any problem negotiating a used car price starting with the trade in value.?

Then adding dealer fee’s, commision ect. avoiding altogether the fake market value price.

You do what you like. When it comes down to it, the dealer won’t sell it to you unless they get the price they want.

You can try but the total is what counts.

Trading in cars is rarely a good deal.

You can start where ever you want, using whatever basis you want. It is not going to change a thing. If I have a vehicle that I think I can sell for a certain price, if does not matter that you tell me that it is worth much less .If you want to make a reasonable (in my opinion) offer we can talk, if you want to tell me that the vehicle is only worth a fraction of what it is selling for, I will thank you for coming in and wish you a very nice day

The &quot:market&quot: value is not fake. In fact the trade in value is defined as the low end of that market value. Retail is the high end. Your job as a car buyer is to effectively negotiate the price so you pay as close to the wholesale(trade) value as possible.

A car dealer is going to try to give you as little as possible for a trade in, and charge you as much as possible for any car they sell you.

The most important thing is not to fall in love with a car – salesmen can sense when they’ve got you on the hook. The fact is, there are tons of cars for sale, and they aren’t doing you any favors.

The dealer will offer you half of the resale value of the vehicle. If you want more, sell it to a private party.

A dealer isn’t going to discuss the trade in value with you. He has a business to run and profit to make.

You can use any means you choose to come up with whatever you consider to be a fair value…what you are willing to pay. the salesman knows what he can sell a vehicle for, regardless of what you come up with. Example: I owned a conversion van that I wanted to trade in. I had a fist full of prints out showing what similar vehicles sold for: about $21,000. The salesman offered me $6,000 for my vehicle. My research did not matter.

You talking abut a private party purchase? You can spin whatever type of bs you want to try and get a lower price on a vehicle. The bottom line is what they are asking and how much they actually need for the ride.What’s a fake market value price? They are either asking a reasonable price or they don’t really want to sell the vehicle. Then again perhaps they’re fishing for a sucker!! If the shoe fits wear it.

Hi so what else do you expect an easy ride well there is nothing so difficult than dealing with a secondhand car dealer or horse trader.

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