Puppy slips out of collar is a choker chain ok to use?

Also I’m training her to stay outside for longer periods of time, to get her adapted slowly to being an outside dog. So will the choker chain be ok on a tie out? If your going to yell at me about putting her outside here’s why: She’s a Pitbull/ Border Collie mix. She’s too big for my house now (we didn’t know she would be so big when we rescued her out of the middle of a highway at 6 weeks), eats things, and isn’t potty trained even though she’s 1 1/2. We hired a local trainer and he trained her for about 36 minutes and refused to see her again. She was growling, snapping, and trying to attack him.

Please help
15 and confused.

Wow, another one! Please, get off your lazy a** and train the dog!!!!! Dogs aren’t meant to be thrown outside! If your house is to small for the dog, why did you get it?! If you are to lazy to train and raise a dog, don’t get one. They aren’t lollipops from the $1 store, dude!

We have a 7 month old Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. She isn’t that big but she is like lighting on a string on the walk. Or she was. What worked well for us: Always use a quick jerk and then relax to correct dog. Direction is either sideways or straight up, never backwards. Repeat as needed! 1. A Martingale collar with a chain rather than fabric loop. Used with: 2. An easy walker Harness. The harness sits right behind the front legs and low across the chest of the dog. This also works to prevent jumping if worn alone. Just don’t leave the dog unsupervised in any harness, they chew them up (another $30 down the drain). I find the harness helps if worn snugly even if you only attach the leash to the Martingale. Learn how to adjust the Martingale so the dog can’t slip out. It needs to be just a little smaller than the dogs next. Links to purchase harness or collar, and the proper use of halti.

It seems u have more problems than a collar. An aggressive dog that has pit in it is highly likely to get into touble. This pup should have been socialized when u first got it. A puppy should go everywhere with its person after having its shots until they are at least a year. Anyway, donmt put a dog on a choke chain outside chained up. They can wind it up and strangulate themselves! If she slips a collar try a harness it would be safer.

A choker chain will be easier for her to escape. A choker chain tightens when you pull on the end of it, but if the dog pushes at it with a paw, it will slip right off. Also, unattended choker chains have a serious risk of choking your dog to death if something gets caught.

A pet store will be able to help you properly fit a regular collar.

Absolutely not.The dog can hang itself if tied out on a choke chain.

You should only use a flat buckle nylon or leather collar for a tie out.Properly fitted,you should be able to slide two fingers(side by side,not stacked) under the collar.

Good collars here:

my opinion is never use a choker chain, she could really get hurt. good idea with the training on outside though. If you want something that she wont slip out of, get a harness. I have a dog just like yours named Rex. He used to get out of his collar untill i got a harness. also if you have a problem with her pulling on walks, get a special harness that helps stop and prevent pulling. hope i have helped!

The dog deserves a better owner than you.

if you are incapable of owning this dog give her to your local humane society.
she is still young and will very likely find a home with loving owner who have the capacity to train this dog.

Please do this dog and yourself a favor and take it to the humane society. She needs a home with someone that understands her needs. That is the kindest thing you can do for her.

No Tighten the collar another notch. It clearly is not on tight enough.

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