Mexican/ Spanish/ native American? read and comment please…?

i normally refer myself as native American… i know that on my moms side of the family that my mom’s mom’s (who right now is my grandmother but died) grandfather had blond hair and blue eyes.. he got married to my grandmother’s grandmother( who was Indian) and had light skinned dark hair children and from those children came my grandmother and my mom and uncles/ aunts and then me… i have really light skinned but dark hair… my mother had tolled me that we came from Spaniards but do we still have there blood line even though we are Indian too.??? And even though we might not have blue eyes and blond hair (because those are recessive genes) Can we be called something else??? i have no problem with the word Mexican but i would rather be one thing or the other… native or Spanish… is that fine? oooooo and my last name is Avalos where does that come from?? i love my ppl but there is just so much discrimination idk why ppl are the way they are these days are they jealous or mad we are mixed? i really do want world peace… if some native Americans came from Texas new Mexico and from around there… it was Mexico at a point in time… are we still Native American even though we are Christians or Catholics? WHY do ppl say speak English we in America if Christopher Columbus speeked Spanish and Italian… he discovered America.. Yea he was Caucasian but i come from both sides indigenous ppl and Spaniards. at least lots of us do.. please tell me what u think and please help me find out even more…. thanks for your time and expressing my opinions toward my ethnic group or whatever i am… (Arizona is wrong too it was part of Mexico)… Thanks!

mexican is your nationality since it is where you hold citizenship. mexican is not a race any more than american or canadian is. they are only nationalities implying citizenship.

indigenous north americans is a race. you are mixed. claiming or identifying as &quot:american indian&quot: is the legal term meaning you are a citizen of one of the federally recognized tribes of the united states. if you are NOT enrolled in one of them then you are not american indian. you can not claim to be either.

we have enough white and black people claiming to be &quot:indians&quot: in this country. we don’t need mexicans doing the same. if you were still connected to your nation you would speak at least a few words of your indigenous language and follow their customs.

and to the above answer…we are not related to eskimos as you call them. not even a little. genetically, we are closer to the indigenous people of central america. you may want to try a new science book.

I know a lot of Mexicans. They are lovely people. My guess is that because Mexico is such a big country with a strong culture that they are going to be particularly aware of their version of Spanish, sometimes to the exclusion of other nationalities where Spanish is spoken. This, by the way, occurs in a lot of other Spanish speaking cultures, so I say let’s be patient with one another and try to see the best in each other and especially be open to learning from one another? Not that hard, eh?

I’m from Phx, Arizona. The rich history of the Spaniards and the Native Americans is taught here because of the close proximity to Mexico. It is a part of of Arizona’s history.

But, I always thought that Mexicans were Spanish and Native American… So wouldn’t that just make you MEXICAN?

You are racially Mesizo which is the mixture of European and Native American.
Unfortunately, I understand that there is some discrimination in the US not only for Mexicans but for people of Mexican descent like yourself, but there’s nothing just be proud of who you are and focus on your self-improvement.

First: It’s been proven scientifically that true Native American are descendants of eskimos who came to the New World crossing through the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands from Asia. True native Mexicans are descendants of the Mexican indigenous. White and mix Mexicans are descendants of the white Spaniards and all the other caucasian races that have settled in the Mexican territory. The story of Mexican indigenous and Native Americans as been the same race is a fairy tale story composed by racists like La Raza that want to force the idea that the USA belongs to the Mexicans.

Second: Christopher Columbus, himself, never-ever set foot into mainland USA. When he *encountered* the New World in October 12, 1492, he landed in the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas and from there he sailed and *encountered* the island of Espaniola, which is today the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Much later the Spaniards came to mainland USA but it was not in their original voyages and Columbus hinself never did, the closest he got was Central America.

Third: The USA is the *ONLY* country in both the Continent of North America and the Continent of South America that has the name &quot:America&quot: in it’s official name. It’s called &quot:America&quot: as a nickname, because it’s part of it’s official name. BTW, Central America is *not* a separate continent, Central America is part of the Continent of North America.

Fourth: The official citizenship of the people of the USA is *American*, we have no other, so either because we are refering to the nickname of our country or to our official citizenship, we are truly &quot:Americans&quot:.

Fifth: The official denomination of a person depends on the *specific COUNTRY&quot: that the person belongs to, NOT depending on the &quot:continent&quot: the person is from.

European, Asian, African, North American, South American…are not an official denominations because Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America are continents, NOT specific countries. The only exception would be Australia which is a continent and a specific country at the same time, because even Antartica, which is a continent, is divided into regions under the authority of different countries.

Sixth: No, Arizona is NOT part of Mexico because it was won by the USA during the Mexico-American War, and, if you think Arizona still belong to Mexico, ..then Mexico belongs to either Spain or to the true Mexicans who are the indigenous, yes, all those indians living in extreme poverty because the white descendants of the invaders have taken their land and keep them living as outcasts.

Last, but not least, YES, the Arizona law is perfectly correct and is NOT by any meaning, a racist law. If the Arizona law is racist, it means that each and every country in the world is racist because all countries in the world have immigration laws and all of them enforce those laws.

We have *nothing* against those who come to this country &quot:legally&quot: following all the requirements of our immigration laws, regarding from where in the world they come from.

What part of the word * i l l e g a l * are you people trying to make believe that you don’t understand?

Brown power!

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