Do guys like tall girls in 8th grade?

im alot taller then everyone else in my grade but dono if thts a good thing?

Not for the most part.
I was 6’0” tall by the time I was in eighth grade and I had a couple of boyfriends, but they were really insecure about being shorter than me.
Don’t worry though, cause the dudes are gonna be all over you in a few years. =)

We each grow and develop at different rates and times so don’t fret about it. I guess both your parents must be tall as well so it is genetic.

By the time you graduate from high school everyone will have had their growth spurts and many will have caught you up and some even overtaken you. At this time don’t whatever you do be ashamed of your height. Think of all the fantastic tall women out there and be proud. For example: Venus Williams 6ft 1, Elle MacPherson 6ft, Nicole Kidman 5ft 11. None of them is ashamed to be tall and Nicole wears high heels!!!

And don’t worry about the boys, 13 is too young to be thinking much about them and I can assure you most of them aren’t thinking about you either.

Stand tall and proud of who you are. People will look at you just because you are tall so head up and give them a cheery smile to brighten their day.

I was taller than everyone else when I was in grade six but I just stopped growing and everyone passed me.

Don’t worry if you are taller than others. Everyone has their growth spurts at different ages. Besides, if you are on the all side, think how great clothes look on you!

No matter your height, make sure to stand tall and straight. If you are tall but slouching, it draws negative attention to your height. If you are tall and stand straight, you end up looking elegant and confident.

Depends how all of your other aspects are.
My friend is short,she has never had a boyfriend before,so out goes your theory Nikki,who says being tall is a bad thing?
Everyone is short or tall compared to someone else.

Enjoy it, embrace being tall. research shows that taller women, and guys tend to get and keep better jobs! I’m tall and I love to wear high heels too. Always walk with you head high, don’t stoop as that is definately not a good look and very bad for your spine.

I’m tall, I hate it.
First off, it doesn’t really matter, you’re too young.
This will only get better in high school because then you could maybe even think about modelling, and then anyone will date you and all the girls will be jealous.
But, if you’re tall and ugly, that sucks. You’re screwed.
Once again, you’re too young to worry about it.
And as a rule, guys to like shorter girls, but it all depends on the guy.
If they only want you for your looks, they’re not worth it anyway.

Bieng tall is good, just remember to be proud of your height, and dont stoop to compensate for the shortarses, or you will get a bad back in later life!

I always liked tall girls..and 8th grade isn’t elementary anymore..

some times yes some times no it depend to him fantasy. dont be worry about this question because being tall was always good thing.

i know how u feel and I’m the same way and they will still go out wit u even if Ur a Lil taller then them but that’s OK. he will go out wit u if Ur the thing that’s he’s looking 4.

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